Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Daily Current Affairs Quiz - 15 August 2012

1. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Wednesday,15 August 2012, said India will send a mission to the Red Planet "Mars". Under this Mission, India's spaceship will go near Mars and collect important scientific information. India will be the sixth country to launch a mission to the Red Planet after the U.S., Russia, Europe, Japan and China. This mission is planned to be launched in November 20, 2013 and is expected to cost over US$100 million. What is the name given to this mission?
[A]India Mars mission
[B]Mars Orbiter Mission
[C]Indian Mars probe

2. Vilasrao Dagadojirao Deshmukh, an Indian politician, died on August 14, 2012 due to multiple organ failure at Global Hospitals, Chennai. He was a member of Rajya Sabha representing Maharashtra and was two-time Chief Minister of Maharashtra, from 1999 to 2003 and from 2004 to 2008. He was Minister of which two Government offices at the time of his death?
[A]"Rural Development" and "Panchayati Raj"
[B]"Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises" and "Rural Development"
[C]"Rural Development" and "Science and Technology"
[D]"Science and Technology" and "Earth Sciences"

3. For the first time in 65 years, Kolkata witnessed a full-fledged Independence Day pageant, with a police parade and tableaux. West Bengal celebrated the 66th Independence Day with Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee hoisting the Tricolour at the venue where Republic Day celebrations take place, instead of the state secretariat Writers' Building in a departure from the traditional venue since 1948. Where did she hoists tricolour on 15 August 2012?
[A]Indira Gandhi Sarani (Red Road)
[B]Amtala Road
[C]Sabarna Sangrahashala, Baro Bari, Barisha
[D]Diamond Harbour Road

4. Coca-Cola plans to relaunch popular masala cola brand which it acquired from Ramesh Chuahan in the 1990s. It is being relaunched in keeping with a brand study conducted by Coca-Cola that indicated a strong recall of the brand among consumers, a company official said on 14 August 2012. Which cola brand company is relaunching?
[A]Gold Spot

5. On 15th August 2012, in response to the Syrian Civil War, the Fourth Extraordinary Session of the Islamic Summit begins in Makkah Al Mukarramah, Saudi Arabia, for two days. Who is organizing this summit?
[A]Islamic Committee of the International Crescent (ICIC)
[B]Islamic Committee for Economic, Cultural and Social Affairs
[C]Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)
[D]United Nations Human Rights Council

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