Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Banking Economic and Financial Awareness General Knowledge (GK Quiz - 203)

1. India in January 2012 received $2 billion foreign direct investment showing an annual growth of___

2. The RBI in May 2012 intervened to stem the continued fall of rupee it directed exporters to convert ______of their foreign currency holding with banks into the rupee balances within a fortnight

3. SKS Microfinance Ltd India’s only listed micro lender in May 2012 announced to shut 78 branches in _____
[C]Andhra Pradesh

4. With which of the nation India called for a joint venture to provide employment opportunities in the war torn country?

5. India’s largest power producer NTPC Ltd in May 2012 posted nearly ____rise in consolidated net profit
[A]1 percent
[B]2 percent
[C]3 percent
[D]5 percent

6. In May maruti Suzuki India Ltd announced to adopt ____40 state run technical schools to create a customised labour pool it will need to fuel its Rs 18000 cr expansion in Gujarat Project

7. To which nation Bajaj Auto Ltd in May decided to export fewer vehicles after country sharply increased import duty

8. OPEC revised its 2012 world oil demand at ____per day

9. The Union cabinet in May 2012 approved the ambitious gas pipeline project that originates from Turkmenistan and passes through Afghanistan and Pakistan before terminating IN India
[A]$2 billion
[B]$4.3 billion
[C]$7 billion
[D]$7.6 billion

10. What export target is set by Government of India for the Fiscal year 2012-13?

11. ADANI Enterprises in May reported ____decline in its net profit for the fiscal 2011-12

12. Coal India ltd in May has been asked by coal ministry to sign fuel supply agreement with NTPC Ltd for 750 megawatt power project in

13. Which firm secured coverage from Iranian insurer for a crude cargo becoming the first Indian firm to do so?
[A]Mangalore Refinery

14. The government in May raised the rate on general provident fund (GFF) to____

15. Power and automation technology group ABB Ltd in April announced to built new facility in India by investing aroung
[A]Rs 300 cr
[B]Rs 200 cr
[C]Rs 250 cr
[D]Rs 150 cr

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