Sunday, July 8, 2012

Online Practice for Vocabulary Enhancement (Vocab Quiz - 169)

1. Fluted
[B]Having Vertical Parallel Grooves (As In A Pillar)
[C]Reprove Severely

2. Foster
[A]Disparage; Depreciate
[B]Animated; Gay
[C]Deviate; Turn Aside Sharply
[D]Rear; Encourage

3. Futile
[A]Vehicle; Transfer
[B]Ineffective; Fruitless
[C]Unorthodox; Unconventional
[D]Attribute; Ascribe

4. Gaudy
[A]Similarity; Using Comparisons Such As Similes
[B]Study Of Birds
[C]Fully Empowered
[D]Flashy; Showy

5. Glacial
[A]Pertaining To Cooking
[B]Branching Into Two Parts
[C]Bend The Knee As In Worship
[D]Like A Glacier; Extremely Cold

6. Graphic
[B]Mutual; Exchangeable; Interacting
[C]Pertaining To The Art Of Delineating; Vividly Described
[D]Trace; Remains

7. Guise
[A]Movable; Not Fixed
[B]Lure; Attract; Tempt
[C]Appearance; Costume
[D]Gallop Softly

8. Haughtiness
[B]Abnormal; Irregular
[C]Expert In Children'S Diseases
[D]Pride; Arrogance

9. Hireling
[A]Place Into A Case
[B]Slope; Inclined Plane
[C]One Who Serves For Hire [Usually Used Contemptuously]
[D]Readily Managed; Willing To Be Led

10. Hybrid
[A]Split; Tear Apart
[D]Mongrel; Mixed Breed

11. Immaculate
[A]Wrong; Faulty
[B]Pure; Spotless
[C]Block; Obstacle
[D]Withholding Belief; Skeptical

12. Implacable
[A]Distress; Suffering
[C]Incapable Of Being Pacified
[D]Board On Which Painter Mixes Pigments

13. Impunity
[B]Freedom From Punishment
[C]Cater To The Low Desires Of Others

14. Inclement
[A]Gallop Softly
[B]Stormy; Unkind
[C]Descendants; Future Generations
[D]Vain About Dress And Appearance

15. Indenture
[A]Heavy; Hard To Manage
[B]Bind As A Servant Or Apprentice To Master
[D]Strikingly Bright; Shining With Intense Heat

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