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Marketing Management Multiple Choice Questions Answers Quiz - 9

1. Sumit Khanna is a marketing manager faced with planning marketing strategies during times of inflation. He should be aware that inflation causes consumers to
[A]Purchase more goods and services to support their psychological well-being such as counseling and stress management training
[B]Decrease their brand loyalty to products they have traditionally used
[C]Buy in small quantities until inflation is over
[D]Consume more meals away from home

2. When Steve goes to the grocery store every other week, he buys the same brands of coffee, milk, cereal, and dog food. This type of buying behaviour is called
[A]Routine response behaviour
[B]Extensive decision making
[C]Limited decision making
[D]Situation convenience

3. If Videocon engineers its washing machines to spin the clothes faster regardless of whether or not customers want that speed, then Videocon has characteristics associated with
[A]Production concept
[B]Selling concept
[C]Marketing concept
[D]Product concept

4. Pooja, a Chartered Accountant, reads an article that states that CAs receive the highest starting salary offers from consulting firms. The article also states that marketing majors start with lower salaries but surpass all other majors' salaries within ten years. Pooja doesn't remember reading this last part of the article, just the first part. This is an example of
[A]Selective distortion
[B]Selective exposure
[C]Selective retention
[D]Subliminal perception

5. When the demand for soft drinks grew by 12 percent in one year, the demand for aluminum cans and glass bottles grew also. The aluminum and glass industries are enjoying the effects of
[A]Joint demand
[B]Inelastic demand
[C]Derived demand
[D]Unitary demand

6. Wrigley's Chewing Gum ran an advertising campaign that targeted heavy smokers. The advertising indicated that "when you can't smoke, chew Wrigley's." This is an example of what type of segmentation?
[B]Usage rate

7. Munna jumps out of his truck and runs into a Foodworld store to grab a drink. While he is paying for his drink, he notices the chocolate bars at the counter and grabs one to buy. The chocolate bar in this case is considered to be a(n)
[A]Specialty product
[B]Unsought product
[C]Convenience product
[D]Shopping product

8. Fabrique, Inc. invented a fabric that was fireproof and tearproof. The week after the product was invented, a group of the firm's employees got together and listed ways the product might be used. This is an example of
[A]Lateral thinking
[B]Concept testing
[D]Venture group activities

9. Zakki owns Pet Plus, a complete pet service that offers grooming, obedience training, show training for animals and handlers, boarding, special food preparation, and minor veterinary care. To maintain a quality image, Zakki provides complete training for each employee in the company operations, objectives, and expected performance standards. What unique aspect of services is Zakki attempting to address?

10. General Electric sells large home appliances both through independent retailers (department stores and discount houses) and directly to large housing-tract builders. This is an example of
[A]Intensive distribution
[B]Exclusive distribution
[C]Selective distribution
[D]Dual distribution

11. The Xerox corporation stays in touch with its customers through phone calls and greeting cards, periodically sends out needs-assessment questionnaires, and designs new services to meet new needs. This is an example of relationship marketing based on
[A]Financial bonds
[B]Service recovery
[C]Social bonds
[D]Customization bonds

12. SoundSensation offers stereo equipment and accessories. It has a deep assortment and low prices. The store is operated on a self-service, no-frills concept. SoundSensation is a
[A]Specialty store
[B]Factory outlet
[C]Warehouse membership club
[D]Discount store

13. The advertisements for Bertone Ramarro Car claim that it is the most expensive car in the world. This is an example of a
[A]Target return pricing strategy
[B]Market share pricing strategy
[C]Prestige pricing strategy
[D]Maintained markup pricing strategy

14. Rajeev Kapoor is a chef in a new downtown restaurant. He has sent out press releases to the major local media and has invited food critics to dine in his restaurant. Rajeev is engaging in
[A]Public relations
[B]Personal selling
[C]Sales promotion

15. A rental car company with the second largest market share runs advertisements showing how its customer service is superior to that of the largest competitor. This is an example of
[A]Comparative advertising
[B]Corrective advertising
[C]Primary demand advertising
[D]Institutional advertising

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