Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) Questions and Answers - 4

1. Which of these is a traditional Sikh Maritial Art named after a stick used to practice sword fighting?
[B]Hola Mohalla

2. What does Kesari mean in ‘Punjab Kesari’ – a popular title of Lala Lajpat Rai?

3. If you are your parents ‘Iklauti Aulaad’ then how many siblings would you have?

4. Which of these spices has two varieties called ‘badk’ and ‘choti’?

5. Which Singh is the central character in the film ‘Singh is King’?

6. Which of these words literally means ‘surrender’ in Arabic?

7. In which state would you find the districts of Bastar and Dantiwada?
[D]Andhra Pradesh

8. Identify the sportsperson from this audio clip.(suppose test match hai, aur bowler poora din bowling kar raha hai, aur uska din theek nahi hai, maar pad rahi hai, pitai ho rahi hai, sara din pitayi mein beet gaya, ballebaaj aata hai pehli ball mein out hokar baith gaya , 5 minute ke liye criticise kara jaata hai, commentator bolenege no no he is not using his feet, yeh woh andar jaakar woh baith gaya sab khatam par bowler ka poora din ka lecture chalta hai)
[A]Irfan Pathan
[B]Harbhajan Singh
[C]Zaheer Khan
[D]Munaf Patel

9. Who is the only person to have served as the Chief Minister of both Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand?
[A]B C Khanduri
[B]N D Tiwari
[C]Ramesh Pokhriyal
[D]Bhagat Singh Koshiyari

10. Which of these hindi idioms means ‘falling in love’
[A]Aankh Pherna
[B]Aankh Tarerna
[C]Aankh Lagana
[D]Aankh Churan

11. By which of these nicknames is Nagpur also known as?
[A]Diamond City
[B]Orange City
[C]Pink City
[D]City of Lakes

12. What is Mehngai called in the song from the film ‘Peepli (Live)’?

13. Which pieces are maximum in number at the start of a chess game

14. Identify the actor from this audio clip?(the audio clip was “ek baar menein commitment kar di to phir mein apne aap ki bhi nahi sunta”)
[A]Sanjay Dutt
[B]Salman Khan
[C]Saif Ali Khan
[D]Farhan Akhtar

15. What was the name of India’s first unmanned lunar spacecraft launched in October 2008?
[A]Chandravahaan 1
[B]Chandrayaan 1
[C]Chandravimaan 1
[D]Chadrakhoj 1

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