Saturday, July 21, 2012

GK Question Bank : Prepare for Competitive Exams - Quiz 201

1. Who summons the joint session of the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha?
[B]Speaker of Lok Sabha
[C]Chairman of Rajya Sabha
[D]Prime Minster

2. Which of the following is not a source of revenue to the village panchayat?
[A]Property Tax
[B]House Tax
[C]Land Tax
[D]Vehicle Tax

3. At what time all electioneering campaign during elections are stopped?
[A]48 hours before the appointment time of election results
[B]24 hours before the actual poll
[C]48 hours before the actual elections
[D]36 hours before the actual elections

4. Who appoints the chief Election Commissioner of India?
[B]Prime Minister
[D]Chief Justice of India

5. Normally in which month "The General Budget" is presented in the parliament?

6. Who is the signatory of the Indian Currency notes in the denominations of two rupees and above?
[A]Secretary, RBI
[B]Finance Secretary
[C]Governor RBI
[D]Finance Minister

7. What is the name of the currency/monetary of Bangladesh?

8. Which situation constitute the Sellers market?
[A]Commodities are available at competitive rates
[B]Demand exceeds supply
[C]Supply exceeds supply
[D]Supply equates demand

9. Development not only means economic growth but also the _________.
[C]Price Stability
[D]Social Change

10. What does the Abbreviation NAEP stands for?
[A]National Atomic Energy Planning
[B]National Adult Education Program
[C]National Authority on Engineering Projects
[D]Nuclear and Atomic Energy Project

11. What does the abbreviation PSLV stands for?
[A]Polar Survey Landing Vehicle
[B]Polarised Source Locating Vision
[C]Precise Source Locating Vision
[D]Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle

12. Which of the following you can associate with the term Epicentre?
[D]Earth’s interior

13. Which of the following order is given to the planet of solar system on the basis of their sizes?
[A]Jupiter, Saturn, Earth Mercury
[B]Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury Earth
[C]Mercury, Earth, Jupiter Saturn,
[D]Earth, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter

14. When did the solar eclipse occurs?
[A]The sun comes in between the moon and the Earth
[B]The earth comes in between moon and sun
[C]The moon comes in between the sun and the earth

15. The removal of top soil between by water or wind is called by what name?
[A]Soil wash
[B]Soil erosion
[C]Soil creep
[D]Silting of soil

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