Tuesday, July 10, 2012

English Vocabulary Improvement Quiz - 170

1. Inexorable
[A]Analysis; Cutting Apart In Order To Examine
[B]Sour; Peevish
[C]Reject; Mock
[D]Relentless; Unyielding; Implacable

2. Iniquitous
[A]Ability; Capacity
[B]Continued Loud Noise
[C]Unjust; Wrong
[D]Measure Of Temperature Used Widely In Europe

3. Insurrection
[A]Deluge; Upheaval
[B]Rebellion; Uprising
[C]Charge With Crime In Office; Indict
[D]Crawl Or Creep On Ground; Remain Prostrate

4. Introspective
[A]Pertaining To Hell; Devilish
[B]Scatter (Like Seeds)
[C]Serious Or Fatal Accident
[D]Locking Within Oneself

5. Irresolute
[B]Last Demand; Warning
[C]Indifference; Lack Of Interest
[D]Uncertain How To Act; Weak

6. Junta
[A]Presumptuous; Arrogant
[C]Group Of Men Joined By Political Intrigue; Cabal
[D]A Thing That Completes Another; Things Very Much Alike

7. Laity
[A]Favoring Or Exercising Total Control; Non-Democratic
[B]Understood But Not Stated
[C]Repudiation; Self-Sacrifice
[D]Laymen; Persons Not Connected With The Clergy

8. Legend
[A]Spasmodic; Intermittent
[B]Charlatan; Impostor
[C]Large City
[D]Explanatory List Of Symbols On A Map

9. Listless
[A]Winding; Full Of Curves
[B]Produced By Imagination; Fanciful; Mystical
[C]Pertaining To Cultivation Of Gardens
[D]Lacking In Spirit Or Energy

10. Luscious
[A]Transparent; Limpid; Easy To Understand
[B]Vexation; Disappointment
[C]Deceptive Scheme
[D]Pleasing To Taste Or Smell

11. Mall
[A]Stampede; Drive Out
[B]Public Walk
[C]Disturb Greatly
[D]An Assumed Name

12. Masticate
[A]Direct Financial Aid By Government, Etc.
[C]Stroke; Loss Of Consciousness Followed By Paralysis
[D]Natural Talent Or Inclination

13. Mercantile
[B]Weak; Drooping
[C]Concerning Trade
[D]Make Frivolous Objections

14. Mimicry
[D]Very Small

15. Missile
[A]Introductory Statement
[B]Sharp-Cornered; Stuff In Manner
[C]Object To Be Thrown Or Projected
[D]Prudent; Cautious

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