Friday, July 6, 2012

English Vocabulary Improvement Quiz - 168

1. Disclaim
[A]Prescribed Diet And Habits
[C]Disown; Renounce Claim To
[D]Producing Tears

2. Disinterested
[B]Appropriate; Fitting

3. Distant
[A]Sharpen; Stimulate
[B]Study Of Insects
[C]Tending Or Leaning Toward; Bent
[D]Reserved Or Aloof; Cold In Manner

4. Doldrums
[A]Punish By Placing In A Wooden Frame And Subjecting To Ridicule
[B]Blues; Listlessness; Slack Period
[C]Capable Of Being Bribed
[D]Inscription In Memory Of A Dead Person

5. Earthy
[A]Unreasonable Or Capricious; Imperious; Tyrannical; Despotic
[B]Unrefined; Coarse
[C]One Who Is Introspective; Inclined To Think More About Oneself

6. Egoism
[A]Said Or Done In Jest
[B]Immature; Shallow
[C]Excessive Interest In One'S Self; Belief That One Should Be Interested In One'S Self Rather Than In Others
[D]Dark; Vague; Unclear

7. Embryonic
[A]Change; Convert To Something Different
[B]Undeveloped; Rudimentary

8. Enmity
[A]Prohibit; Forbid
[B]Black Magic; Dealings With The Dead
[C]Ill Will; Hatred
[D]Bugbear; Object Of Baseless Terror

9. Epigram
[A]Suggestion; Hint; Taste
[B]Dirty; Neglected; Poor
[C]Collector And Disposer Of Refuse; Animal That Devours Refuse And Carrion
[D]Witty Thought Or Saying, Usually Short

10. Estranged
[A]Ring Of Leaves Around Stem; Ring
[B]Pertaining To The Stars
[C]Huge; Enormous
[D]Separated; Alienated

11. Exemplary
[A]Scold; Rant
[B]Social Outcast
[C]Serving As A Model; Outstanding

12. Extant
[B]Still In Existence
[D]Living As The Same Time As; Contemporary

13. Fallow
[A]Lethargy; Sluggishness; Dormancy
[B]Showing Excitement; Overflowing With Enthusiasm
[C]Plowed But Not Sowed; Uncultivated
[D]Scientific Student Of Birds

14. Fervor
[A]A Place Where Bees Are Kept
[B]Feeling Of Great Happiness And Well-Being (Sometimes Exaggerated)
[C]Limits; Independent Variable
[D]Glowing Ardor

15. Flagrant
[A]Neat; Skillful
[B]Surmise; Guess
[C]Conspicuously Wicked
[D]Fit For Plowing


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