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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Current Affairs | March 2012 | Quiz - 23

1. The Arab League which discussed the crisis at its Baghdad Summit 2012 in March comprises:
[A]21 countries
[B]22 countries
[C]23 countries
[D]19 countries

2. As per the Data released by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) in March 2012 which of the following countries was the largest importers of arms between 207 to 2011
[D]South Korea

3. A report released by international campaign to abolish Nuclear weapon, a world famous NGO, in March 2012 said that number of Pakistan’s nuclear weapon was

4. According to official Data released in March 2012 the share of agriculture and allied sector in India’s GDP in 2011-12 came down to:

5. Which member(s) of the European Union did not sign a new "fiscal compact" in March 2012?
[A]United Kingdom
[B]Czech Republic
[C]Both A & B
[D]None of the above

6. Which legendary versatile Bengali actor was on March 21 2012 selected for India’s highest film honour The Dada Phalke Award for 2012?
[A]Prasanjeet Chattarjee
[B]Soumitra Chatterjee
[C]Ranjit Mallick
[D]Sunendu Chakroborty

7. Marathi Poet and Sahitya Academi award winner Manik Godghate passed away in Pune on March 26 2012 after battling liver cancer for a year. For which of his work did he receive the Sahitya Akademi Award in 2012?
[A]Waryane Halte Raan
[B]Sandhyakalchya Kavita
[C]Chandramadhavichya Pradeshat
[D]Sandhyaparvatil Vaishanavi

8. Name the Noble Peace Prize winner who was named the winner of one of the world’s leading religious prizes, Templeton Prize for 2012 by John Templeton Foundation on March 29 2012?
[A]The Dalai Lama
[B]Tawakkol Karman
[C]Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
[D]Baba Ram Dev

9. US senate on March 30 2012 confirmed career diplomat as ambassador to India. Identify the person in question.
[A]William Clarke Jr
[B]Albert Peter Burleigh
[C]Robert Blackwill
[D]Nancy Powell

10. Name the Union Minster who on March 20 2012 was sworn in as the Union Minister by the President Pratibha Patil in New Delhi following the resignation of Dinesh Trivedi
[A]Mukul Roy
[B]Subhodh Kant Sahay
[C]MK Alagiri
[D]Kishore Chandra Deo

11. Matanhy Saldanha the tourism minister of Goa died of a heart attack on March 21 2012 He also held the portfolio of-
[C]Science and Environment

12. Report of probe by the Income Tax department into the allegation that relatives of the former chief justice had amassed huge wealth during his tenure was submitted on March 12 2012 to the supreme court Identify this CIJ in person
[A]KG Balakrishnan
[B]RC Lahoti
[C]GB Patnaik
[D]BN Kripal

13. Union Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh during the tour of Maharashtra Satara district announced on March 11 2012 a national award for Sanitation and water in the name of which of the following Maharashtrian saints?
[A]Bhakhta Pundarikar
[B]Sant gadge Baba
[C]Sant Yoga Parmanandar
[D]Bhakta Goma Rai

14. The Chief Election commissioner of India on March 17 2012 lead a delegation to Amman in response to an invitation by the Prime Minister of Jordan to explore the modality of supporting Jordan’s Electoral Process against the political backdrop of reforms. Who is the Chief Election Commissioner of India?
[A]Montek Singh Ahluwalia
[B]SM Krishna
[C]SY Qureshi
[D]Manmohan Singh

15. which of the given statement is wrong
[A]Under the 1960 Indus Water treaty Pakistan has exclusice rights over three common rivers – Indus Jhelum Chenab
[B]India has exclusive rights over Sutlej Ravi and Beas
[C]World Bank has the role of neutral arbitrator under the Indus Water treaty in the dispute between both the countries
[D]Recently India withdraws its objections to the construction of India’s Krishnaganga Project