Monday, July 23, 2012

Computer Awareness Questions for IBPS Bank PO and Bank Clerical Exams - 19

1. Which operator is normally used for Text concatenation?

2. _______is not a graphic file format that allows animation to be viewed on the computer.

3. The storage area present in the Email account is often called as
[D]IP address

4. _____is called a core of Unix operating system.
[C]Device Driver

5. In Excel the template is a

6. _________printer prints the same letters continuously in a line
[A]Dot Matrix

7. Which of the following languages is used to retrieve data from the database

8. Which of the following stores the data temporarily
[C]Floppy Disk
[D]Hard Disk

9. In power point ______is not present in formatting toolbar
[A]Left align
[D]Right align

10. RTF stands for
[A]Real Time Formatting
[B]Rich Text Format
[C]Real Time Fonts
[D]Real Text Formats

11. 1024 MB is equal to
[A]One Gigabyte
[B]One Kilobyte
[C]One Megabyte
[D]One Trillion Bytes

12. _______punctuations ends most lines of C code.
[A]‘(Single quote)
[B]; Semi colon
[C]: Colon
[D]‘’ double quote

13. _______register holds the content of accessed memory ward
[C]Memory Buffer
[D]Memory Address

14. The RDBMS terminology for a row is

15. Dijkstra’s banker’s algorithm is used to resolve _______problem
[A]Deadlock prevention
[B]Deadlock recovery
[C]Cache Coherence
[D]Deadlock Avoidance

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