Friday, July 13, 2012

Business News, Trade and Industry Current Affairs for 2012

1. Finance Minster in his rollback announcements in budget proposals 2012-13 deferred GAAR for-
[A]One year
[B]Two year
[C]Three year
[D]Five year

2. India’s Industrial growth during 2011-12 (base 2004-05=100) stood at 2.8% for March 2012 IIP growth stood at-

3. Government has constituted a study group for Common Tax Code CTC headed by MK Gupta will cover-
[A]Custom duty and excise duty
[B]Service Tax and excise duty
[C]Custom duty and excise duty and service Tax
[D]All indirect taxes

4. FDI inflow in India’s service sector registered …………..per cent growth in April- January 2011-12.

5. Eight core industries registered the growth rate of____ per cent during 2011-12 as compared to 6.6% obtained in2010-11

6. South Sudan has become a member of International Monetary Fund (IMF). It became IMF’s-
[A]186th Member
[B]187th Member
[C]185th Member
[D]188th Member

7. National Dairy Plan (Phase I) has been launched to give a boost to milk production in the country. In the first phase this plan will cover:
[A]Only Gujarat
[B]Only 5 States
[C]Only 14 States
[D]all states

8. 6 MMTPA pellet making plant in Orissa has been commissioned by –
[A]Essar Steel
[B]Tata Steel
[D]Jindal Steel

9. According to the report of the Registrar General of India shows country’s first Total Fertility Rate at 2.5 in 2010 is-
[A]Uttar Pradesh
[B]Madhya Pradesh

10. The Electricity sector in India has installed capacity of 199870 Mw as of March 2012 which is the _____largest in the world

11. Among fortune 500 Female Powerbrokers List India Born CEO of PepciCo, Indira Nooyi has been ranked at-
[A]2nd rank
[B]4th rank
[C]6th rank
[D]10th rank

12. How many Indian Companies have been included in Forbes-2000 list of the year 2012?

13. 20th Summit of ASEAN was held on April 3-4 2012 in
[C]Phenom Penh (Cambodia)

14. As per the third advanced estimates of the food grains released by Ministry of Agriculture on April 23 2012 the total food grain production stood at-
[A]244.77 MT
[B]245.87 MT
[C]252.56 MT
[D]250.67 MT

15. In ‘Meritorious Award’ of SCOPE for the year 2010-11 which of the following Public Sector Company has been awarded the Gold Trophy for the best governance?

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