Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Basic Computers' Knowledge for Entrance Exams - 20

1. WIMAX technology is based on the IEEE______ standard

2. To indicate the decision point in the program a_______ shaped symbol is used

3. Thesaurus option is available on______menu
[A]Page layout

4. The ________ symbol is used to specify a cell range

5. In physical layer which of the following devices is not applicable?
[D]None of these

6. In multitasking
[A]We can only one CPU
[B]We follow single user concept
[C]We follow multi user concept
[D]Both 1 and 2

7. _________is frequently used to import videos to a computer
[B]Fire wire
[D]Optical wire

8. In a word document _____ bar gives the information about the page number, number of pages etc

9. Alternate keys are considered a part of _____ key.

10. In OSI model the job of dialogue control and token management is performed by ______ layer

11. The process of moving from main memory to disk is called

12. Which of the following is an absolute cell reference?

13. IN Baudot code how many numbers of bits per symbol are used?

14. The name of a file in MS Word cannot contain

15. A top to bottom relationship among the data items in a database is established is established by a
[A]Hierarchical system
[B]Sub System
[C]Network System
[D]Relational scheme

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Yeah, knowing about von Neumann machines is not basic computer knowledge.