Saturday, June 16, 2012

Solved Practice Question Set on English Language for IBPS PO Exam 2012 (Vocabulary Quiz - 161)

Directions (Qs. 1 to 15) : Choose the word which is most nearly the same in meaning as the given word in question.

1. Gruff
[A]Relating To Paradise; Blissful
[B]Stimulate By Shock; Stir Up
[C]Fretful; Whining

2. Harping
[B]Tiresome Dwelling On A Subject
[C]Reduce; Exhaust
[D]Scatter; Drive Away; Cause To Vanish

3. Hindrance
[B]Impermanent; Fleeting
[C]Dead; No Longer In Use Or Existence
[D]Block; Obstacle

4. Humid
[A]Mutual; Exchangeable; Interacting
[D]Deserter; Apostate

5. Illusive
[A]Idealistic But Impractical
[B]Refer Indirectly
[C]Mutilate; Injure

6. Impetuous
[A]Soft Tissue Filling The Bones
[B]Violent; Hasty; Rash
[C]Binding; Required
[D]A Mixture As Of Metals

7. Impugn
[A]Meaning; Distinguishing By Name
[B]Doubt; Challenge; Gainsay
[D]Fits Of Depression Or Gloom

8. Incidence
[A]Shy; Modest; Coquettish
[C]Picture Writing
[D]Rate Of Occurrence; Particular Occurrence

9. Indemnify
[A]Method Or System Of Government
[B]Make Secure Against Loss; Compensate Loss
[C]Formal Systematic Inquiry; An Explanation Of The Results Of A Formal Inquiry
[D]Sing; Babble

10. Inequity
[A]Obscure; Puzzling
[B]Brother Or Sister
[C]Having Minute Hairs

11. Inimitable
[A]Very Carefully
[B]Brilliance; Glory
[C]Matchless; Not Able To Be Imitated
[D]Open Up

12. Insurgent
[B]Beastlike; Brutal
[D]Changing Its Habitat; Wandering

13. Intrepid
[C]Flexible; Pliant

14. Irrelevant
[A]Condition In Which Blood Lacks Red Corpuscles
[B]Make Hostile; Separate
[C]Not Applicable; Unrelated
[D]Weary; Sluggish; Listless

15. Judicious
[A]Dismay; Shock
[B]Smear (As With Paint)
[D]Sound In Judgment; Wise

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