Saturday, June 30, 2012

Learn English vocabulary through Vocab Game Quiz (Vocabulary Quiz - 167)

1. Castigate
[A]Mental Disorder Marked By Confusion
[C]Sad; Solemn

2. Centaur
[A]Club; Heavy-Headed Weapon
[B]Complex; Knotty; Tangled
[C]Mythical Figure, Half Man And Half Horse
[D]Confuse; Upset; Embarrass

3. Chastise
[A]Be Thankful For; Increase In Worth; Be Thoroughly Conscious For
[C]Without Previous Preparation

4. Clamber
[A]Deserving Blame
[B]Means Of Support, Food, Nourishment
[C]Open Up
[D]Climb By Crawling

5. Cogent
[A]Vigorous; Strong
[C]Pertaining To The Brain Or Intellect

6. Consecrate
[A]Suffering From Indigestion
[B]Prudent; Cautious
[C]Dedicate; Sanctify
[D]Oval; Ambiguous, Either Purposely Or Because Key Words Have Been Left Out

7. Contortions
[A]Venomous Spider
[B]Entice; Attract
[C]Dejected; Dispirited
[D]Twistings ; Distortions

8. Corporeal
[B]Pertaining To Disease
[C]Bodily; Material
[D]Place Where Different Tree Varieties Are Exhibited

9. Crestfallen
[A]Boldness; Rashness
[B]Dejected; Dispirited
[C]Support Militantly
[D]Rapidly And Efficiently

10. Curtail
[A]Support; Prop Up
[C]Shorten; Reduce

11. Decelerate
[A]Lack Of Consistency; Difference
[B]Slow Down
[C]Person Belonging To The Same Period
[D]Broad Comedy; Mockery

12. Defunct
[A]Felt In One'S Inner Organs
[B]Framework And Working Parts Of An Automobile
[D]Dead; No Longer In Use Or Existence

13. Demure
[A]Pertaining To Language
[B]Act Of Finding The Total; Summary
[C]Grave; Serious; Coy
[D]Roll In; Indulge In; Become Helpless

14. Desecrate
[A]Original Work Used As A Model By Others
[B]Text Of An Opera
[C]Profane; Violate The Sanctity Of
[D]Homeless Child Or Animal

15. Dialectic
[A]Motionless; Stale; Dull
[B]Art Of Debate
[C]State Of Being Valuable Or Loved
[D]Slanted; Prejudiced

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