Thursday, June 7, 2012

Latest Current Affairs in Competitive Exams Model Paper (Current Affairs Quiz - 15)

1. Which planet passed directly between the Sun and Earth on 6 June 2012?

2. From where in India was the high range the high range Agni V Missile fired?

3. Which US Based company is the main sponsor of the London Olympics?
[B]ESPN Sports
[C]Mc Donalds
[D]Dow Chemicals

4. What is the maximum number of terms a CPI(M) secretary can function

5. What is the name of nuclear powered submarine to be inducted into the Indian Navy?
[A]INS Sampurna
[B]INS Virat
[C]INS Arihant
[D]INS Chakra

6. Where in India did a solar power plant commence operation?
[D]Madhya Pradesh

7. Where in Asia has Rolla Royce commenced its latest facility

8. When will the island nation of Malaysia have its next election?
[A]July 2013
[B]January 2013
[C]December 2013
[D]January 2014

9. What is the size of the US’ humanitarian aid to Syria?
[B]$ 10MN

10. Which Indian player recently became the 24th player in the world to lift 50 doubles ttle
[A]Saina Nehwal
[B]Mahesh Bhupati
[C]Leander Paes
[D]Sania Mirza

11. Who aced the recently organised Chinese Grand Prix?
[A]Leander Paes
[B]Fernando Alonso
[C]Jenson Button
[D]Nico Rosberg

12. The nuclear reactor which were damaged heavily due to strong earthquake cum tsunami that hit Japan on March 2011 causing radiation leakage were at-

13. Who among the following is the author of the book “The Exile”
[A]Navtej Saran
[B]BG Verghese
[C]Philip Roth
[D]Aravind Adiga

14. The Govt has decided to pay a bonus price of Rs 50 per quintal on which of the following products over and above its minimum support price of Rs 850 per quintal

15. Which of the following organisation has provided a US$ 150mn to overhaul the village and Khadi Industry in India?
[A]European Union
[B]World Bank
[C]International Monetray Fund
[D]Asian Development Fund

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