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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Is your English Vocabulary good enough? (Vocabulary Quiz - 166)

1. Affable
[A]Loss Of Memory
[B]Humoring; Yielding; Lenient

2. Alliteration
[C]Mental Keenness
[D]Repetition Of Beginning Sound In Poetry

3. Amend
[A]Platform For Speech-Making; Pulpit
[B]Stealthy; Sneaky
[D]Correct; Change, Generally For The Better

4. Anemia
[A]Glance Coquettishly At; Make Eyes At
[B]Cancel; Revoke
[C]Pertaining To Speculative Philosophy
[D]Condition In Which Blood Lacks Red Corpuscles

5. Antiquated
[A]Exhale; Become Known; Happen
[B]Entire Range
[C]Old-Fashioned; Obsolete
[D]Bankrupt; Lacking Money To Pay

6. Approbation
[A]Young Wolf, Dog, Tiger, Etc.
[C]Accidental Transposition Of Sounds In Successive Words
[D]Showing Hard Work; Taking Great Care

7. Asylum
[A]Cautiously Watchful
[B]Place Of Refuge Or Shelter; Protection
[C]Mildness; Permissiveness

8. Authoritarian
[A]Something New; Newness
[B]Inclined To Cruelty
[C]Favoring Or Exercising Total Control; Non-Democratic
[D]Foul Smelling; Unwholesome

9. Baffle
[A]Suitable To Debate Or Courts Of Law
[B]Frustrate; Perplex
[C]Hanging Down From Something
[D]Permitting Light To Pass Through Freely; Easily Detected

10. Beatific
[A]Favoring Or Exercising Total Control; Non-Democratic
[B]Personal Property
[C]Giving Bliss; Blissful
[D]Gentle Breeze; West Wind

11. Benignity
[A]Blunt; Abrupt
[B]State Of Being Kind, Benign, Gracious
[D]Unwilling; Reluctant; Stingy

12. Blanch
[A]Group That Meets Socially; Select Circle
[B]Supply; Allotted Demand; Assigned Portion Of Work
[C]Bleach; Whiten
[D]Swindle; Cheat

13. Brazen
[A]Inactive; Lacking Power To Move
[C]Indifference; Lack Of Interest
[D]Disdainful; Sarcastic; Cynical

14. Burgeon
[A]Very Small
[B]Grow Forth; Send Out Buds
[C]Natural Talent Or Inclination

15. Canter
[A]Shrill, Trumpetlike Sound
[B]Slow Gallop
[D]Start A Fire; Inspire