Saturday, June 16, 2012

IBPS CWE Computer Awareness Model Paper for 2012 PO/Clerical Exams (Computer Quiz - 15)

1. For sound recording what is necessary?

2. Life span of a CD ROM is______
[A]Approximately five year
[B]Approximately twenty five year
[C]Approximately one year
[D]Approximately two year

3. The ______settings are automatic and standard
[B]User friendly

4. What are the two parts of an email address?
[A]User name and domain name
[B]Initials and password
[C]User name and street address
[D]Legal name and phone number

5. Participants can see and hear each other in a/an
[A]Video conference
[B]Bulletin board
[C]E mail system
[D]Message system

6. Magnetic tapes are not practical for applications where data must be quickly recalled because tape is____
[A]A read only medium
[C]A random access medium
[D]A sequential access medium

7. Which of the following will you require to hear music on your computer?
[A]Sound card
[C]Video card
[D]Tape recorder

8. The signal that a computer is waiting for a command of the user is_____
[B]Time slice

9. This software allows the user to move from page to page on the web by clicking on or selecting a hyperlink, or by typing in the address of the destination page_____
[A]Web home page
[B]Web service
[C]Web browser
[D]Web search engine

10. For viewing video CD you should use
[A]Windows Movie Player
[B]Windows Video Player
[C]CD player
[D]Windows Media Player

11. Executing more than one program concurrent program concurrently by one user on one computer is known as____
[A]Multi- tasking
[B]Time- sharing
[C]Multi- programming
[D]Multi- processing

12. Which of the following controls the manner of interaction between the user and the operating system?
[A]User interface
[C]Language translator

13. You can keep your personal files and folders in___
[A]My files
[B]My text
[C]My folder
[D]My documents

14. Three types of compact disks include CD- ROM, CD-R and____

15. Collecting personal information and effectively posing as another individual is known as the crime of____
[B]Identity theft

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