Monday, June 4, 2012

General English for UPSC, Banking Exams, SSB, RRB, SSC (Vocabulary Quiz - 153)

1. Imprudent
[A]Run At The Nose; Snuffle; Whine
[B]Small Ornamental Statuette
[C]Lacking Caution; Injudicious
[D]Treacherous; Stealthy; Sly

2. Inchoate
[B]Able To Live Both On Land And In Water
[D]Recently Begun; Rudimentary; Elementary

3. Incubate
[A]Having Womanly Traits
[B]Complete; Full
[C]Skeptical Or Distrustful Of Human Motives
[D]Hatch; Scheme

4. Inept
[A]Small Group Of Persons Secretly United To Promote Their Own Interests
[B]Unsuited; Absurd; Incompetent
[C]Entrance; A Way In
[D]Supporting Bar

5. Inherent
[A]Deviate; Turn Aside Sharply
[B]Firmly Established By Nature Or Habit
[C]Bring Up; Feed; Educate
[D]Pleasing In Sound

6. Insubordinate
[A]Unreal; Grotesque; Whimsical
[B]Based On Lascivious Thoughts
[D]Porous; Allowing Passage Through

7. Intransigent
[A]Cater To The Low Desires Of Others
[B]Refusing Any Compromise; Stubborn
[C]Cut Down; Economize
[D]Burn With Hot Iron Or Caustic

8. Irreconcilable
[A]Festive; Gay; Characterized By Joviality
[B]Acute Pain; Extreme Suffering
[C]Incompatible; Not Able To Be Resolved
[D]Related To Dogs; Dog-Like

9. Jocund
[A]Increase Or Intensify
[C]Shameless Boldness
[D]Weakness Of Mind

10. Lackluster
[A]Make Love Lightly; Flirt
[C]Mythical Figure, Half Man And Half Horse
[D]Satisfy To The Full; Cloy

11. Leaven
[B]Cause To Rise Or Grow Lighter; Enliven
[D]Abundant; Current

12. Lineaments
[C]Person Who Enjoys His Own Pain
[D]Features Of The Face

13. Lull
[A]Easily Deceived
[B]Cautious; Careful
[C]Moment Of Calm
[D]Terminology; System Of Names

14. Malignant
[A]Wool Coat Of A Sheep
[B]Having An Evil Influence; Virulent

15. Marshal
[A]Homeless Child Or Animal
[B]Put In Order

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