Thursday, June 21, 2012

General English Awareness for MBA Entrance Exams (Vocabulary Quiz - 164)

Directions (Qs. 1 to 15) : Choose the word which is most nearly the same in meaning as the given word in question.

1. Regatta
[A]Pretense Of Ignorance Of Something Wrong; Assistance; Permission To Offend
[B]Argumentative; Fond Of Argument
[C]Recede; Lessen
[D]Boat Or Yacht Race

2. Renegade
[B]Trip; Short Journey
[C]Coward; Betrayed Of Faith
[D]Deserter; Apostate

3. Repugnance
[A]Easy; Expert
[B]Condition Of Being Crammed Full; Glutted State; Repletion
[C]Imperceptible; Intangible

4. Retrench
[B]Total Failure
[C]Cut Down; Economize
[D]Records; History

5. Risqué
[A]Overstock; Fill To Excess
[B]Related To Monks
[C]Doubtful; Ambiguous
[D]Verging Upon The Improper; Offcolor

6. Salient
[A]Annoying; Tedious
[B]Mild; Fragrant
[D]Lure; Attract; Tempt

7. Savant
[A]Affectedly Dainty
[C]Support; Prop Up

8. Serpentine
[A]Tending Or Leaning Toward; Bent
[B]Condition In Which Blood Lacks Red Corpuscles
[C]Obligated; Indebted
[D]Winding; Twisting

9. Simulate
[A]Make Amends For (A Sin)
[B]Boastful; Pompous
[C]Trinket; Trifle

10. Sloth
[D]Addition Of Details; Intricacy

11. Soupçon
[B]Suggestion; Hint; Taste
[C]Changing In Form; Fickle
[D]Pull Away; Take By Violence

12. Stagnant
[A]Definite; Open
[B]Cause To Appear Foolish Or Inconsistent
[C]Motionless; Stale; Dull
[D]Of Trifling Significance

13. Stolid
[A]Given To Unwholesome Thought; Gloomy
[B]Question Severely
[C]Dull; Impassive
[D]Disrepute; Ill Fame

14. Subsequent
[A]Limits; Independent Variable
[B]Following; Later

15. Supersede
[B]Cause To Be Set Aside; Replace
[D]Fits Of Depression Or Gloom

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