Sunday, June 3, 2012

Finance Business Economy Current Affairs for Bank PO (GK Quiz - 173)

1. RBI has directed commercial banks to resolve ATM transaction related complaints within seven working days. If a commercial bank is unable to do so then it has to pay Rs___ as compensation

2. RTGS as well as NEFT uses
[A]UTR Number

3. Which of the following statement is incorrect about SEBI?
[A]SEBI is a capital market regulator
[B]SEBI is a mutual fund regulator
[C]SEBI also regulates the credit rating agencies in India
[D]None of them is wrong

4. SWIFT is commonly used acronym in Banking Industry. The I in SWIFT Stands for
[A]Interbank(SWIFT=Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication)

5. ________is the base year for the New Consumer Price Series

6. _______has been declared the first total banking state in India, successfully implementing the total inclusions thereby ensuring banking facility to all the households.
[C]Himachal Pradesh

7. Since April 1,2012 _________ has become the validity of cheques and bank drafts
[A]2 months
[B]3 months
[C]4 month
[D]6 month

8. With which among the following countries has India signed a comprehensive Economic partnership Agreement (CEPA)?

9. What does liquidity means?
[A]It means how cash is converted into gold
[B]It means how cheaply and quickly assets get converted to cash
[C]Buying and selling of government securities into open market
[D]It means how uncertain the money market conditions are

10. What does the term open market operations refer to-
[A]Selling of equities in the open market
[B]Selling of commodities in the open market
[C]Buying and selling of government securities into open market
[D]Buying and selling of products in the whole sale market

11. Under which act does RBI issues directives to the Banks?
[A]PMLA Act 2002
[B]RBI Act 1934
[C]DICGC Act 1961
[D]Banking Regulation Act 1949

12. Which committee recommended the change in the base year of the wholesale Price Index?
[A]Narsimhan Committee
[B]Vijay Kelkar committee
[C]Srikrishna Committee
[D]Abhijit Sen Committee

13. __________is not a method of measurement of National Income
[A]Value added method
[B]Income method
[C]Investment method
[D]Expenditure method

14. In India the commercial banks are required to provide ___________%of their ANBC(Adjusted Net Bank Credit) to the priority sector

15. What does FSDC stand for?
[A]Financial Security and Development Council
[B]Financial Stability and Development Council
[C]Fiscal Security and Development Council
[D]Fiscal Stability and Development Council


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