Monday, June 18, 2012

Banking Exams 2012 Model Paper for Computer Awareness (Computer Quiz - 16)

1. Which of the following group consist of only output devices?
[A]Plotter printer monitor
[B]Scanner printer monitor
[C]Keyboard printer monitor
[D]Mouse printer monitor

2. _______contains command that can be selected

3. IT stands for
[A]Interesting Technology
[B]Information Technology
[C]Integrated Technology
[D]Intelligent Technology

4. sending an e-mail is similar to
[A]Drawing a scenery
[B]Picturing an event
[C]Narrating a story
[D]Writing a letter

5. a collection of related information sorted and dealt with as a unit is a

6. an error is also known as a

7. a keyboard is this kind of device
[A]word processing

8. which part of the computer helps to store information?
[B]Disk drive
[C]Key board

9. the process of a computer receiving information from a server on the internet is known as

10. the rectangular area of the screen that displays a program, data, or information is a
[B]title bar
[D]dialogue box

11. _______is the process carrying out commands

12. Which of the following refers to the fastest biggest and most expensive computer?
[B]Personal computer

13. the role of a ______generally is to determine a buyer’s needs to match it to a correct hardware and software
[A]corporate trainer
[B]computer scientist
[C]computer sales representative
[D]computer consultant

14. delivery Channel means
[A]all of these
[B]maternity wards
[C]handing over the products to the buyer
[D]places where products are made available to the buyer

15. which is the part of the computer that one can touch and feel

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