Thursday, May 24, 2012

Prepare General English for Bank Clerical/PO Exams (Vocabulary Quiz - 150)

1. Bouillon
[C]Shorten; Reduce
[D]Clear Beef Soup

2. Bullion
[A]Not Effective; Weak
[B]Determined; Stubborn
[C]Gold And Silver In The Form Of Bars
[D]Pertinent; Bearing Upon The Case At Hand

3. Cameo
[A]Run At The Nose; Snuffle; Whine
[B]Shell Or Jewel Carved In Relief
[C]Tall Column Tapering And Ending A Pyramid

4. Carte Blanche
[A]Wooden; Impersonal
[B]Forcible Restraint
[C]Unlimited Authority Or Freedom
[D]Arranged By Degrees (Of Height, Difficulty, Etc.)

5. Celibate
[A]One-Sided; Prejudiced; Committed To A Party
[B]Unmarried; Abstaining From Sexual Intercourse
[C]Intention; Meaning
[D]Guarantee; Assurance By Seller

6. Chary
[B]Cautiously Watchful
[C]Quickly Perceptive; Keen; Brief And Severe

7. Circumvent
[A]Go Backwards; Degenerate, Instead Of Advancing
[B]Outwit; Baffle
[C]Stingy; Parsimonious
[D]Prescribed Diet And Habits

8. Coalesce
[A]Sleep Producer; Deadener Of Pain
[B]Self-Evident Truth
[C]Combine; Fuse
[D]Force Keeps Parts Together

9. Connoisseur
[B]Person Competent To Act As A Judge Of Art, Etc.; A Lover Of An Art
[D]Overstock; Fill To Excess

10. Context
[A]Frugality; Thrift; Agriculture
[B]Writings Preceding And Following The Passage Quoted
[C]Light Stroke As With A Whip

11. Cordial
[A]Discharge; Give Forth
[B]Gracious; Heartfelt
[C]Scoff At
[D]Invigorate; Make Forceful And Active

12. Crass
[B]Equipment; Odds And Ends
[C]Very Unrefined; Grossly Insensible
[D]Study Of Word Parts

13. Cursive
[A]Occurring Or Taking Place Within The Subject; Unreal
[B]Enigmatic; Mysterious
[C]Flowing, Running
[D]Correct; Change, Generally For The Better

14. Debonair
[A]Go Through Or Across
[B]Friendly; Aiming To Please
[C]Substance Causing Vomiting
[D]Art Of Debate

15. Defile
[A]Ability; Capacity
[B]Pollute; Profane
[C]Condition Of Being Crammed Full; Glutted State; Repletion

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