Friday, May 18, 2012

Practice Set for English Language Question Paper

1. Stint
[A]Reserved Or Aloof; Cold In Manner
[B]Female Fox; Ill-Tempered Woman
[C]At The Point Of Death
[D]Supply; Allotted Demand; Assigned Portion Of Work

2. Subjugate
[A]Quick Or Willing To Receive Ideas, Suggestions, Etc.
[B]Blood Feud
[D]Conquer; Bring Under Control

3. Sunder
[A]Brutal Deed
[B]Behavior; Bearing
[C]Thwart; Defeat
[D]Separate; Part

4. Sustenance
[B]Thin; Slight; Barely Discernible
[C]Means Of Support, Food, Nourishment

5. Tangential
[A]Put Away From Consideration; Reject
[B]Peripheral; Only Slightly Connected; Digressing
[C]Thwart; Defeat
[D]Reflection; Thought

6. Tenuous
[A]Rhythmic Rise And Fall (Of Words And Sounds); Beat
[B]Thin; Rare; Slim
[C]Sudden Violent Change Of Feeling; Reaction
[D]Deliverance From A Charge

7. Throttle
[A]Harm Someone'S Reputation; Malign
[C]American Marsh Tortoise

8. Trajectory
[A]Excess; Overabundance
[B]Dry Up
[C]Stealthy; Sneaky
[D]Path Taken By A Projectile

9. Trenchant
[A]Crash; Rush
[B]Animals Of Period Or Region
[C]Cutting; Keen

10. Unassuaged
[A]Lack Of Proper Aspect
[B]Language Used By Special Group; Gibberish
[C]Talking To Oneself
[D]Unsatisfied; Not Soothed

11. Verge
[A]Quickly Perceptive; Keen; Brief And Severe
[B]Liquid Food Made By Boiling Oatmeal, Etc. In Milk Or Water
[C]Capable Of Being Repaired
[D]Border; Edge

12. Virtue
[A]Insightful; Aware; Wise
[B]Deduce; Conclude
[D]Goodness; Moral Excellence; Good Quality

13. Vulnerable
[A]Blues; Listlessness; Slack Period
[C]Resemblance To Remote Ancestors Rather Than To Parents; Deformity Returning After Passage Of Two Or More Generations
[D]Susceptible To Wounds

14. Whelp
[A]Holding; Having A Good Memory
[B]Bitterness; Nerve
[C]Pass Through; Spread
[D]Young Wolf, Dog, Tiger, Etc.

15. Wreak
[A]Argue About Prices
[B]Instead Of
[D]Written Statement Made Under Oath

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