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Management Quiz on Business Communication - 47

1. Sometimes some members of a group have a better social standing or are better qualified than the others. Which of the following of the members determines the manner in which they interact with each other?
[A]Size of the group

2. Your boss has been telling the staff that he would welcome suggestions about how to improve the organization. You take him at his word and meet him to discuss some of your ideas with him. As you begin to outline the changes you propose, he fixes you with an icy stare and folds his arms across his chest; as you go on, the frown on his face gathers intensity. When you finish, he gets up abruptly and says, with barely suppressed menace in his voice, “Thank you very much. Your ideas are priceless.” Nonverbal communication differs from verbal communication because it
[A]Is less reliable
[B]Is composed of words and grammar
[C]Has few rules and often occurs unconsciously
[D]Conveys less meaning than words

3. When we hear, we only perceive sounds, but when we listen, this hearing is accompanied by a deliberate and purposeful act of the mind. While listening, if we think, we must defend “my” position; we already know what others have to say and how we are coming through? Which of the following barriers are we encountering?
[A]Selective perception

4. Communication is essential for the functioning of an organization. Every day a vast amount of information flows from managers to employees, employees to managers, and from employees to employees. Apart from this internal communication, a considerable amount of information is also carried in and out of the organization. Different situations call for different messages and different channels to transmit messages. Every channel has its own advantages and disadvantages. In which of the following situations a written message is most suitable?
[A]When the message is detailed, complex, and requires careful planning
[B]When there is no need to have a permanent record
[C]When there is a need to overcome time-zone barriers
[D]When there is a need to have immediate feedback from the audience

5. Regardless of your background, knowledge, or skill, each time you speak it is a different and unique experience. Which of the following ways of speaking calls for the speech to be researched, outlined, practiced, and delivered in a conversational manner?
[A]Speaking from a manuscript
[B]Speaking from memory
[C]Extemporaneous delivery
[D]Impromptu delivery

6. If I _______, I would exchange that typewriter for a personal computer
[A]Was her
[B]Were her
[C]Were she
[D]Was she

7. Communication researchers have found that nonverbal signals have more impact in conveying meaning than verbal content. In fact nonverbal behavior is so important to effective business communication that many companies are now trying to train their employees to understand it. Why has touching become controversial in business environments?
[A]Because touching brings discomfort
[B]Because touching can be interpreted as sexual harassment at times
[C]Because any kind of touching is prohibited in business environments
[D]Because touching demonstrates intimacy

8. You have ordered for 10,000 calculators from X-Ltd. As first installment, you have received 500 calculators. You found out that they are not of required specification. Despite showing evidence, the supplier is not willing to take them back. Hence, you have decided to cancel the order. Cancellation of orders should be preferably made by

9. Every business message has a purpose to achieve. To know whether the message has achieved its purpose or not, we need to properly check it. A good way to test the thoroughness of your business message is to check it for
[A]A main idea
[B]A purpose
[C]The who, what, when, where, why, and how

10. Even if a boss thinks that interpersonal communication is only for “personal matters” and wants to avoid this between employees so that valuable office time is properly utilized, it exists. But truly speaking, in the workplace, internal personal communication
[A]Is unacceptable
[B]Can have a significant impact on the success of the operation
[C]Should be encouraged with no restrictions
[D]Can not have any impact on the success of the operation

11. Which of the following is not one of the basic truths about the communication process?
[A]The symbols of communication are perfect
[B]Meanings sent are not always received
[C]Meanings are in the receiver's mind
[D]The symbols of communication are imperfect

12. Apart from the communication, which passes through official channels, there is always a communication, which passes through unofficial channels. Which of the following is the most inappropriate comment about the grapevine in an organization?
[A]Wise managers ignore it
[B]It carries much gossip and rumor
[C]It carries more information than the formal communication network
[D]Its shortcomings are like those of the organization's members

13. Depending on the situation and objective of communication, communicator chooses different channels. Which of the following statements is not true with respect to the difference between oral and written communication?
I. If there is a reasonable chance that the other party will not understand the message, verbal channels are the preferred choice.
II. If there is a reasonable chance that the other party will not understand the message, written channels are the preferred choice.
III. Oral communication does not provide any evidence while written communication does.
IV. If the message should have detailed accuracy, written channels are best.
[A]Only (I) above
[B]Only (II) above
[C]Both (I) and (III) above
[D]Both (I) and (IV) above

14. Word selection plays an important role in writing messages. In choosing the words for a message to multiple readers, you should
[A]Select words that impress the reader
[B]Select words that all your readers clearly understand
[C]Write to the person in the group with the highest level of understanding so that you do not come across uneducated
[D]Select technical words

15. The redundancy in words always consumes the time of the reader while reading a message. It even makes the reader to deviate from the central theme of the message. Which of the following sentences is the best example of needless repetition?
[A]At the Indian Military Academy, the military cadets receive excellent training
[B]The soccer practice will begin at 2 p.m
[C]Please submit your application for the Jagruti Foundation scholarship by May 12
[D]We are sponsoring two scholarships for the children of police officers killed on duty

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