Thursday, May 31, 2012

IBPS Computer Knowledge Solved Questions Paper (Computer Quiz - 12)

1. A ______is a unique name given to a document of information
[A]Device letter
[D]Filename ext

2. The first computer animated news reader is
[B]Red Hat
[D]Heart beat

3. Father of super computer is-
[A]Bill gates
[B]Seymore Cray
[C]Charles Babbage
[D]Brain stronstrup

4. Wireless communication is type of -
[A]Simplex mode of transmission
[B]Half duplex mode of transmission
[C]Duplex mode of transmission
[D]None of the above

5. An OS is
[A]An interface between hardware and software
[B]An interface between hardware and application program
[C]An interface between user and application program
[D]All of the above

6. The total number of processes that complete their execution per unit time is-
[A]Access time
[C]Latency time
[D]Waiting time

7. which of the following technique is used in high speed modem

8. The server on the internet is also known as
[D]AND Gate

9. The environment provided to ASP is based on-
[C]Centralised system

10. Website is a collection of
[A]HTML Documents
[B]Graphic files
[C]Audio and Video files
[D]All of the above

11. Processed data is called-

12. If you have to store some data in secondary memory it must be-

13. A computer without hard disc is known as-
[A]Dump terminal
[B]Personal computer

14. Which of the following is not an octal number?

15. Half byte is known as

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