Saturday, May 5, 2012

GK for Competitions (General Knowledge Quiz - 160)

1. David Perlman Award is associated with which field?

2. Which of the following committee has redefined the definition of Slums?
[A]Pranab Sen Committee
[B]C Ibrahim Committee
[C]Arjun Sen gupta committee
[D]None of these

3. Arrow-III is an anti missile system of

4. India’s first jail BPO came up in which city?

5. World’s first aviation university is planned in which city?

6. Which group has launched Khoj lab?
[A]Future Group
[D]Times group

7. Which of the following became the first smoke free state in India?
[B]Himachal Pradesh
[D]Jammu and Kashmir

8. Which of the following became the Ist Asian Country to sign Free Trade Agreement with European Union?
[A]South Korea

9. The Emissary’ is the book authored by:
[A]Tarun Tejpal
[B]Vinod Mehta
[C]Aniruddh Bahl
[D]Vinod Dua

10. Who is the new PM of Netherlands?
[A]Mark Ruttea
[B]Bill Carey
[C]Thakshin Sinawatra
[D]David Carmen

11. Who is the chairman of National Democratic Front of Bodoland?
[A]Paresh Barna
[B]Aravind Rajakhowa
[C]Ranjan Daimary
[D]Lalji Bhai

12. With which of the following countries India has not signed civil nuclear agreement?

13. Who is the PM of Sweden?
[A]Fredrick Rainfeldt
[B]Silvio Berlusconi
[C]Garry Wanders
[D]Nicolas Sarkozy

14. APEC Summit in November 2010 was held at :

15. Which public sector bank was the banking partner in Commonwealth Games 2010?
[A]Central Bank of India
[B]State Bank of India
[C]Bank of Baroda
[D]Indian Overseas Bank

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