Friday, May 11, 2012

GK for All India Bank Exam Entrance(GK Quiz - 164)

1. In which city Aligarh Muslim University(AMU) is opening a new campus?

2. Who is the CEO of Twitter?
[A]Dick Costello
[B]Vinod Dham
[C]Larry Page
[D]Mark Zuckerberg

3. Which country topped the Global Peace Index Report in 2010?
[A]New Zealand

4. Who founded the Telangana Praja Front in October 2010?
[A]G V Rao
[B]K Chandrashekhar Rao
[C]N Srinivas
[D]B D Hegde

5. M. B. Shah Commission is related to which of the following?
[A]Illegal mining
[B]Agricultural Statistics
[C]Microfinance Institutions
[D]2G Telecom Irregularities

6. Which of the following technology companies has acquired the assets of retail consulting and software development firm Zaffera LLC for an "undisclosed amount?
[B]DRS Technologies
[D]FARO Technologies

7. Who is the author of Saraswati Park?
[A]Manu Joseph
[B]Amish Tripathi
[C]Anjali Joseph
[D]Karan Bajaj

8. An American actor, director, producer, and author, he is best known for his role as Fonzie on the 1970s American sitcom Happy Days. He has been appointed an honorary (OBE) Order of the British Empire for his educational work on dyslexia in the UK. Name him.
[A]Colin Firth
[B]Henry Winkler
[C]Will Smith
[D]Sean Connery

9. Which of the following technological companies beat Microsoft in tech giants ranking?
[A]HCL Technologies

10. The capital of Pakistan till 1959 was

11. Silicon Valley of India is located in

12. One of India's top retailers is in talks to rope in Japanese convenience store chain Lawson Inc as a 49% partner in its foods sourcing and manufacturing operations. Name the retailer?
[A]Piramal Group
[B]Tata group
[C]K Raheja Group
[D]Future Group

13. Lenovo Group Ltd, the world's No.3 PC brand, has entered into a _______million venture with contract laptop PC maker Compal Electronics Inc in eastern China, pushing their shares up sharply.
[A]$ 500 million
[B]$300 million
[C]$ 150 million
[D]$ 750 million

14. A judge of the Supreme Court retires at the age of___________.

15. Which of the following FMCG companies has plans to invest $15 million in Sri Lanka to set up a new export-oriented manufacturing facility for producing fruitbased beverages?
[A]Britannia Industries Ltd
[B]Nestle India
[C]Hindustan Unilever Limited
[D]Dabur India Ltd

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