Wednesday, May 2, 2012

General Knowledge Quiz - 157

1. What is Berar district in Maharashtra famous for?

2. Who is the new finance minister of Russia?
[A]Mikhail Kasyanov
[B]Sergei Storchak
[C]Alexei Kudri
[D]Anton Siluanov

3. He is an American composer and lyricist for stage and film. He has won several awards and accolades. He has been described by the New York Times as "the greatest and perhaps best-known artist working in musical theatre.” He is set to receive New York City's highest honor for achievement in the arts.
[A]Paul Anka
[B]Jerry Herman
[C]Stephen Schwartz
[D]Stephen Sondheim

4. The country's largest foreign lender Standard Chartered has appointed _____as the small and medium enterprises (SME) banking head in India and South Asia.
[A]Rajeev Chalisgaonkar
[B]Sandeep Das
[C]Pavan Dhamija
[D]Jaspal Bindra

5. Which of India’s largest private sector enterprise is in talks to acquire national highway road projects in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka worth Rs 2,000 crore?
[A]Infosys Technologies Ltd
[B]Tata Consultancy Services
[C]Reliance Infrastructure
[D]Wipro Limited

6. Which of the following companies has replaced Dell to become the world's second largest personal computer company?
[B]Acer Inc

7. Who took charge as Secretary of the Department of Public Enterprises, Ministry of Heavy Industry and Public Enterprises?
[A]Anand Sharma
[B]Vayalar Ravi
[C]Dileep Raj S Chaudhary
[D]Mukul Wasnik

8. Three Indian-Americans Dr Srinivasa, SR Varadhan and_______ have been named by US President Barack Obama for the country's top awards in the field of scientific research and innovation.
[A]Shuvo Roy
[B]Raghuram Rajan
[C]Dr Rakesh Agrawal
[D]Dr Romesh Batra

9. Name the Indian-origin tycoon who has been accused of one of Australia's biggest corporate frauds for siphoning an additional 113 million dollars out of his “Burrup Fertilisers.”
[A]Pankaj Oswal
[B]Chirag Patel
[C]Micky Jagtiani
[D]Kanwal Rekhi

10. The World Steel Association (WSA), a premier global steel industry body, elected Arcelor Mittal Chairman _____________ and JSW Steel Vice-Chairman Sajjan Jindal to its 15-member Executive Committee.
[A]Sunil Mittal
[B]Lakshmi Mittal
[C]Narayanan Vaghul
[D]Bruno Lafont

11. Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited (CIBIL) has appointed ________as chairman.
[A]A Athinarayanan
[B]Raj Shankar
[C]R Srinivasan
[D]M V Nair

12. The Wailing Wall is in which of the following cities?

13. How Many planets are there in our Solar System?

14. What is the full form of RAW?
[A]Records and Analysis Wing
[B]Research and Anti-terrorism Wing
[C]Records Amalgamation Wing
[D]Research and Analysis Wing

15. Of which Asian country is Phnom Penh the capital?
[D]North Korea

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