Sunday, May 6, 2012

English Vocabulary for Competitions(Vocabulary Quiz - 144)

1. Garish
[A]Resembling A Horse
[B]Stubborn Maintenance Of A Wrong Cause
[D]Difference; Condition Of Inequality

2. Gibber
[A]Treacherous; Stealthy; Sly
[B]Infringe; Touch; Collide With
[C]Ostracize; Banish; Outlaw
[D]Speak Foolishly

3. Gory
[D]Having Many Languages

4. Grueling
[A]Tiresome Dwelling On A Subject
[C]Mentally Unsound Person Suffering From Delusions
[D]Not Repentant

5. Harangue
[A]Force Keeps Parts Together
[B]Noisy Speech
[C]Bully; Scoundrel
[D]Repugnance; Dislike

6. Hibernate
[A]Secret; Hidden; Implied
[B]Sleep Throughout The Winter
[C]Plowed But Not Sowed; Uncultivated
[D]Irresistible Crashing Force

7. Humane
[A]Officer Who Acts As Go-Between For Two Armies
[D]Bring Upon Oneself

8. Idyllic
[B]Charmingly Carefree; Simple
[C]New Or Newly Coined Word Or Phrase
[D]Express Evil Satisfaction; View Malevolently

9. Impermeable
[A]Fixed Idea; Continued Brooding
[B]Violate; Encroach
[C]Model; Example; Pattern
[D]Impervious; Not Permitting Passage Through Its Substance

10. Impromptu
[A]Indifference; Lack Of Interest
[B]Like A Corpse; Pale
[C]Preoccupation With Physical Comforts And Things
[D]Without Previous Preparation

11. Incessant
[A]Throb; Flutter
[C]Omission Of Words From A Text
[D]Speak Distinctly

12. Incredulous
[A]Chronic Form Of Insanity Marked By Delusions
[B]One Who Abandons His Religious Faith Or Political Beliefs
[C]Withholding Belief; Skeptical

13. Ineffectual
[A]Cheat; Hoodwink; Swindle
[B]Physical Features Of A Region
[C]Of The Same Kind
[D]Not Effective; Weak

14. Ingenious
[A]Rob Of Joy; Lay Waste To; Forsake
[B]Daydream; Musing
[C]Mysterious; Puzzling; Secret

15. Instigate
[A]Not Wise
[B]Restrain From Eating Or Drinking
[C]Division; Split
[D]Urge; Start; Provoke

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