Friday, May 4, 2012

Building Better Vocabulary - Learn Words English Dictionary(Vocabulary Quiz - 143)

1. Doctrinaire
[A]Displaying Ostentatious Or Hypocritical Devoutness
[B]Something New; Newness
[C]Unable To Compromise About Points Of Doctrine; Dogmatic; Unyielding
[D]Suggestive; Implying

2. Duplicity
[A]Rider On Horseback
[C]Double Dealing; Hypocrisy

3. Effeminate
[A]Unlimited Authority Or Freedom
[C]Enjoyment; Enthusiasm
[D]Having Womanly Traits

4. Embark
[A]Cower; Lose Heart
[B]Violent; Hasty; Rash
[C]Raise In Rank Or Dignity; Praise
[D]Commence; Go On Board A Boat Or Airplane; Begin A Journey

5. Endemic
[A]Extract The Essence; Purify; Refine
[B]Prevailing Among A Specific Group Of People Or In A Specific Area Or Country
[C]Provisional; Experimental
[D]Quality Of Being Deeply Moving; Keenness Of Emotion

6. Enunciate
[A]Confuse; Muddle
[B]Speak Distinctly
[C]Swamp Gas; Odor Of Decaying Matter
[D]Flavored Dessert Ice

7. Erratic
[A]Boisterous; Noisy
[B]Mongrel; Mixed Breed
[C]Pertaining To Memory
[D]Odd; Unpredictable

8. Exculpate
[A]Nicety; Cunning; Guile; Delicacy
[B]Clear From Blame
[D]Susceptible To Wounds

9. Expertise
[A]Sturdy; Robust; Able To Stand Inclement Water
[B]Female Fox; Ill-Tempered Woman
[C]Homeless Child Or Animal
[D]Specialized Knowledge; Expert Skill

10. Facetious
[A]Form Of Literature In Which Irony; Sarcasm, And Ridicule Are Employed To Attack Vice And Folly
[B]Wild; Sensational
[C]Humorous; Jocular
[D]Extended Line Of Men Or Fortifications To Prevent Access Or Egress

11. Fecundity
[B]Readily Managed; Willing To Be Led
[C]Falling Off As Of Leaves
[D]Fertility; Fruitfulness

12. Filial
[A]Give Up Temporarily; Yield
[B]The Smallest Part Of A Homogeneous Substance In Chemistry
[C]Binding; Causing Contraction
[D]Pertaining To A Son Or Daughter

13. Flourish
[A]Very Large Number
[B]Grow Well; Prosper; Decorate With Ornaments
[C]Commotion; Riot; Noise
[D]Foretelling; Mysterious

14. Forestall
[A]Deadly; Destructive
[B]Prevent By Taking Action In Advance
[D]Environment; Atmosphere

15. Fulcrum
[A]Appearance; Costume
[B]Support On Which A Lever Rests
[D]Increase In The Volume Or Intensity As In A Musical Passage; Climax

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