Tuesday, May 8, 2012

B School English Test Preparation (Vocabulary Quiz - 145)

1. Intervene
[A]Mixture Of Writings On Various Subjects
[B]Refine; Purify
[D]Come Between

2. Iridescent
[A]State Without Proof
[B]Honor; Tribute
[C]Absence Of Contradictions; Dependability; Uniformity
[D]Exhibiting Rainbowlike Colors

3. Jocular
[B]Said Or Done In Jest
[C]Belief That Life Is Basically Bad And Evil; Gloominess
[D]Examination Of Accounts

4. Lackey
[B]Footman; Toady
[D]Shrink; Reduce

5. Lax
[A]Smallest Speck
[B]Regret; Disapprove Of

6. Lineage
[A]Occurring Again And Again
[B]Porous; Allowing Passage Through
[D]Descent; Ancestry

7. Lugubrious
[A]Conspicuously Wicked
[C]Inhabitant Of

8. Malaise
[A]Pick Out; Reject
[B]Uneasiness; Distress
[C]Isolation; Solitude
[D]Forced; Artificial; Not Spontaneous

9. Marrow
[B]Soft Tissue Filling The Bones
[C]One Who Abandons His Religious Faith Or Political Beliefs
[D]Not Essential; External

10. Mellifluous
[B]Flowing Smoothly; Smooth
[C]Greediness For Wealth
[D]Prescribed Diet And Habits

11. Mien
[A]Make Void
[B]Place Into A Case
[C]Demeanor; Bearing
[D]Weighty; Unwieldy

12. Misdemeanor
[A]Affecting The Sense Of Taste
[B]Minor Crime
[C]Pertaining To Language
[D]Going Astray; Erratic; Cunning

13. Monastic
[A]Headlong; Rash
[B]Related To Monks
[C]Highly Ornate
[D]Shrink; Reduce

14. Muddle
[A]Be Suited To, Be Incumbent Upon
[B]Incurable; Uncorrectable
[C]Questionable Medicine
[D]Confuse; Mix Up

15. Necromancy
[A]Small Body Revolving Around A Larger One
[B]Cautious; Careful
[C]Black Magic; Dealings With The Dead
[D]Dig Out Of The Ground; Remove From A Grave

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