Saturday, April 21, 2012

Vocabulary for Spoken English (Vocabulary Quiz - 140)

1. Throng
[A]Differing In Some Characteristics; Various
[D]Trunk Of Statue With Head And Limbs Missing; Human Trunk

2. Toxic
[A]Humbleness Of Spirit
[B]Period Of Time
[C]Trifling Gaiety

3. Tremulous
[A]Combine, Unite In One Body
[B]Adherence To Established Rules Or Procedures
[C]Trembling; Wavering

4. Ultimatum
[A]Similarity; Using Comparisons Such As Similes
[B]Pertaining To The Church
[D]Last Demand; Warning

5. Verdant
[A]False Testimony While Under Oath
[B]Green; Fresh
[C]Rich, Figured Fabric
[D]Without Previous Preparation

6. Vindicate
[A]Retire From Public Life; Segregate; Seclude
[B]Crush; Subdue; Inhibit
[C]Prudent; Cautious
[D]Clear Of Charges

7. Vouchsafe
[A]Advise Against
[B]Frenzied; Frantic
[C]Grant Condescendingly; Guarantee
[D]Chatter Idly

8. Wean
[A]Queer And Amusing
[B]Disgustingly Excessive
[C]Accustom A Baby Not To Nurse; Give Up A Cherished Activity

9. Wraith
[A]A Person Concerned With The Interrelationship Between Living Organisms And Their Environment
[C]Ghost; Phantom Of A Living Person

10. Abhor
[B]Quick, Sharp Reply
[C]Detest; Hate
[D]Plump; Vigorous; Jolly

11. Accessory
[A]Extremely Loud
[B]Lover Of Luxury
[C]Additional Object; Useful But Not Essential Thing
[D]Artistic; Dealing With Or Capable Of Appreciation Of The Beautiful

12. Acrimonious
[A]Banish; Consign To Inferior Position
[B]Frenzy; Great Excitement
[C]Stinging, Caustic
[D]Shy; Modest; Coquettish

13. Adversity
[A]Real Being
[B]Solemn Urging
[C]Denounce; Utter Censure Or Invective
[D]Poverty; Misfortune

14. Agnostic
[A]Width; Extent
[B]Wordiness; Spreading In All Directions Like A Gas
[D]One Who Is Skeptical Of The Existence Or Knowability Of A God Or Any Ultimate Reality

15. Ambivalence
[B]The State Of Having Contradictory Or Conflicting Emotional Attitudes
[C]Able To Live Both On Land And In Water

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