Sunday, April 29, 2012

Learn English Vocabulary Online (Vocabulary Quiz - 142)

1. Circuitous
[A]Haughty And Contemptuous
[C]Deputize; Pass To Others
[D]Furnisher Of Foodstuffs; Caterer

2. Cloister
[A]Lacking In Spirit Or Energy
[B]Conquer; Bring Under Control
[C]Soothing Or Softening Remedy
[D]Monastery Or Convent

3. Connivance
[A]Slight Offense
[B]Pretense Of Ignorance Of Something Wrong; Assistance; Permission To Offend
[C]Divine Gift; Great Popular Charm Or Appeal Of A Political Leader

4. Contemporary
[A]Greedy; Eager For
[B]Withdrawal; Retreat
[C]Person Belonging To The Same Period
[D]Imposing; Impressive

5. Coquette
[B]Brother Or Sister
[D]Breaking Of Contract Or Duty; Fissure; Gap

6. Crabbed
[A]Conspicuously Wicked
[B]Good-Natured Ridiculing
[C]Pertaining To The Pharisees, Who Paid Scrupulous Attention To The Tradition; Self-Righteous; Hypocritical
[D]Sour; Peevish

7. Cumbersome
[B]Heavy; Hard To Manage
[C]Someone Who Eats Too Much
[D]Region Near Heaven Or Hell Where Certain Souls Are Kept; A Prison [Slang]

8. Debilitate
[A]Swirling Current Of Water, Air, Etc.
[B]Bleach; Whiten
[C]Suitable; To The Point
[D]Weaken; Enfeeble

9. Defeatist
[B]Fern Leaf; Palm Or Banana Leaf
[C]Attitude Of One Who Is Ready To Accept Defeat As A Natural Outcome
[D]Uncertain How To Act; Weak

10. Demented
[A]Cliff; Dangerous Position
[B]Deceit; Duplicity
[C]Having No Name

11. Deranged
[A]Group Of Closely Located Islands
[B]Token Of Disgrace; Brand
[C]Odd; Whimsical; Irregular

12. Devotee
[A]Agent Which Brings About A Chemical Change While It Remains Unaffected And Unchanged
[B]Enthusiastic Follower
[C]Small Group Of Persons Secretly United To Promote Their Own Interests
[D]Raving Mad

13. Diminution
[A]Work Against
[B]Lessening; Reduction In Size
[C]Mass Of Floating Ice

14. Disfigure
[A]Short Discount Of An Amusing Or Interesting Event
[B]Mar In Beauty; Spoil
[C]Tender Sorrow; Pity; Quality In Art Or Literature That Produces These Feelings
[D]The State Of Having Contradictory Or Conflicting Emotional Attitudes

15. Dissent
[A]Large Sailing Ship
[B]Climb By Crawling
[D]Speed Of Music

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