Friday, April 13, 2012

Learn English Vocabulary Online (Vocabulary Quiz - 136)

1. Hover
[B]Hang About; Wait Nearby
[C]Cloyingly Sweet
[D]Study Of Fish

2. Idolatry
[A]Free; Disentangle
[B]Contradict; Give A False Impression
[C]Worship Of Idols; Excessive Admiration
[D]Tranquil; Steady; Uniform

3. Impending
[A]Complex; Knotty; Tangled
[B]Legal Delay Of Payment
[C]Chain; Fetter
[D]Nearing; Approaching

4. Impostor
[A]Solidly Uniform; Unyielding
[B]Someone Who Assumes False Identity
[D]Like A Glacier; Extremely Cold

5. Incense
[C]Enrage; Infuriate
[D]Monastery Or Convent

6. Incredulity
[A]Comment; Make Explanatory Notes
[B]Tendency To Disbelief
[C]Wrong; Faulty
[D]Clever Reply

7. Inductive
[A]Highly Skilled Artist
[B]Harmony; Agreement
[D]Pertaining To Induction Or Proceeding From The Specific To The General

8. Infringe
[C]Provide Written Evidence
[D]Violate; Encroach

9. Insomnia
[A]Appearance; Costume
[B]Eat Away
[C]Wakefulness; Inability To Sleep
[D]Reduce To Lower State

10. Interpolate
[B]Miracle Worker; Magician
[C]Going Astray; Erratic; Cunning
[D]Insert Between

11. Irate
[A]Pithy, Compact Saying
[C]Lack Of Balance Or Symmetry; Disproportion
[D]A Student Of The History And Science Of Mankind

12. Jocose
[A]Mistaken; Wrong
[B]Having Insight; Penetrating; Astute
[C]Given To Joking
[D]Weaken; Enfeeble

13. Knoll
[A]Impertinent; Forward
[B]Speaking Several Languages
[C]Little Round Hill
[D]Large Group

14. Lavish
[A]Tax Levied By A Ruler; Mark Of Respect
[B]Pertaining To The Aurora Borealis
[C]Liberal; Wasteful
[D]Reduce To Lower State

15. Limber
[A]Loathe; Hate
[B]Sleeping; Lethargic; Torpid
[C]An Error Involving Time In A Story

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