Sunday, April 8, 2012

Learn English Online - Improve Vocabulary (Vocabulary Quiz - 133)

1. Baroque
[A]Doctor Who Treats Ailments Of The Feet
[B]Highly Ornate
[C]Crush; Subdue; Inhibit
[D]Stupid Person

2. Belittle
[A]Scatter (Like Seeds)
[C]Disparage; Depreciate
[D]Delightful; Delicious

3. Bevy
[A]Aimless Follower Of The Arts; Amateur; Dabbler
[B]Make Amends For; Pay For
[C]Disorderly Or Untidy State
[D]Large Group

4. Bogus
[A]Pale; Wan
[B]Separate; Unconnected
[C]Lash; Whip; Severe Punishment
[D]Counterfeit; Not Authentic

5. Brusque
[A]Having Minute Hairs
[B]Bundle Of Stalks Of Grain; Any Bundle Of Things Tied Together
[C]Vaguely Longing; Sadly Thoughtful
[D]Blunt; Abrupt

6. Calumny
[A]Person Who Collects Coins
[B]Malicious Misrepresentation; Slander
[C]Drawback; Debts
[D]Opinion Contrary To Popular Belief; Opinion Contrary To Accepted Religion

7. Carnage
[A]Able To Live Both On Land And In Water
[B]Destruction Of Life
[C]State Of Reacting Readily To Appeals

8. Cavalcade
[A]Self-Imposed Punishment For Sin
[B]Make Numb; Stun; Amaze
[C]Drowsy; Dull
[D]Procession; Parade

9. Chaffing
[A]Person Who Is Indifferent To Pleasure Or Pain
[B]Exhale; Become Known; Happen
[C]Bantering; Joking
[D]Glance Coquettishly At; Make Eyes At

10. Circlet
[A]Division; Split
[B]Meaning; Distinguishing By Name
[C]Clash In Opinion; Rubbing Against
[D]Small Ring; Band

11. Clique
[B]Officer Who Acts As Go-Between For Two Armies
[C]Small Excessive Group
[D]Purging Or Cleansing Away Any Passage Of The Body

12. Conifer
[A]Small Opening; Outlet
[B]Examination Of A Dead Body; Post-Mortem
[C]Skeptical Or Distrustful Of Human Motives
[D]Pine Tree; Cone-Bearing Tree

13. Contaminate
[A]Having An Odor
[B]Failure To Do

14. Copious
[A]Wasting Away
[C]Snub; Beat Back
[D]Addition Of Details; Intricacy

15. Covetous
[B]Provide With Some Quality; Endow
[D]Avaricious; Eagerly Desirous Of

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