Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Enrich your English Vocabulary (Vocabulary Quiz - 139)

1. Resurgent
[B]Person Competent To Act As A Judge Of Art, Etc.; A Lover Of An Art
[C]Rising Again After Defeat, Etc.
[D]Stale; Spoiled By Age

2. Ribald
[A]Narrow In Outlook; Provincial; Related To Parishes
[B]Wanton; Profane
[C]Solemn Wonder
[D]Stitches Sewn To Hold The Cut Edges Of A Wound Or Incision; Material Used In Sewing

3. Ruse
[A]Intensely Cold
[B]Minor Crime
[C]Slow Up; Loosen
[D]Trick; Stratagem

4. Satirical
[A]Song Of Praise Or Joy
[B]Operatic Singer; Prima Donna
[C]Wild Tumult

5. Scurry
[A]State Of Being Valuable Or Loved
[B]Move Briskly
[C]Real Being
[D]Living As The Same Time As; Contemporary

6. Sibling
[A]Outcome; Final Development Of The Plot Of A Play
[B]Brother Or Sister
[C]Shorten; Reduce

7. Slander
[A]Heavy; Hard To Manage
[B]Undeveloped; Rudimentary
[C]Defamation; Utterance Of False And Malicious Statements
[D]Clean; Remove Offensive Parts Of A Book

8. Sophistication
[A]Definite; Open
[B]Ill Humored; Irritable
[C]Slanted; Prejudiced
[D]Artificiality; Unnaturalness; Act Of Employing Sophistry In Reasoning

9. Sportive
[A]Entrance; A Way In
[C]Distress; Suffering
[D]Harmless Substance Prescribed As A Dummy Pill

10. Stigma
[B]Yearly Allowance
[D]Token Of Disgrace; Brand

11. Subjective
[A]Flowing Into
[B]Thwart; Defeat
[C]Occurring Or Taking Place Within The Subject; Unreal

12. Sumptuous
[B]Rising Like Bristles; Showing Irritation
[C]Lavish; Rich;
[D]Impervious; Not Permitting Passage Through Its Substance

13. Surrogate
[A]Blunt; Abrupt
[D]Dictated By Hatred Or Spite

14. Talon
[A]Not Applicable; Unrelated
[B]Glass Water Bottle; Decanter
[C]Unsuited; Absurd; Incompetent
[D]Claw Of Bird

15. Tenacity
[A]Expand; Swell Out
[B]Firmness; Persistency; Adhesiveness
[C]Sleep Producer; Deadener Of Pain
[D]Young Woman Making Formal Entrance In Society

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