Thursday, April 12, 2012

English Aptitude for Competitive Exams (Vocabulary Quiz - 135)

1. Errant
[C]Deluge; Upheaval
[D]Childish; Infantile

2. Exacting
[A]Addition Of Details; Intricacy
[B]Extremely Demanding

3. Expeditiously
[B]Pertaining To The Aurora Borealis
[C]Words Formed In Imitation Of Natural Sounds
[D]Rapidly And Efficiently

4. Exude
[B]Limited; Restricted
[C]Discharge; Give Forth

5. Faze
[A]Holding; Having A Good Memory
[B]Disconcert; Dismay
[C]Insert Improperly; Palm Off

6. Filch
[B]Capable Of Using Either Hand With Equal Ease
[D]Flexible; Pliant

7. Floe
[A]Trivial; Shallow
[B]Gallop Softly
[C]Mass Of Floating Ice

8. Foresight
[A]Narrate Or Tell; Count Over Again
[B]Ability To Foresee Future Happenings; Prudence
[D]Person Interested Mostly In External Objects And Actions

9. Fret
[A]Be Oppressed By Heat
[B]Naïve; Young; Unsophisticated
[C]Most Favorable
[D]To Be Annoyed Or Vexed

10. Garbled
[A]Reprove Severely
[C]Mixed Up; Based On False Or Unfair Selection

11. Ghastly
[B]Go Through Or Across
[D]Complete; Necessary For Completeness

12. Gorge
[A]Not Thick; Thinly Scattered; Scanty
[B]Stuff Oneself
[C]Vigorous; Strong
[D]Permitting Light To Pass Through Freely; Easily Detected

13. Grotesque
[A]Conscientious; Extremely Thorough
[B]Correct Spelling
[C]Fantastic; Comically Hideous
[D]Thin; Rare; Slim

14. Hapless
[D]Pertaining To The Woods; Rustic

15. Heyday
[A]Region Near Heaven Or Hell Where Certain Souls Are Kept; A Prison [Slang]
[B]Pretend; Conceal By Feigning
[C]Time Of Greatest Success; Prime
[D]Soothing Application Applied To Sore And Inflamed Portions Of The Body

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