Saturday, March 17, 2012

Vocabulary Quiz - 120 (English Words)

1. Kleptomaniac
[B]Person Who Has A Convulsive Desire To Steal
[C]Dark; Vague; Unclear
[D]Manner Of Walking Or Running; Speed

2. Lassitude
[A]Confuse; Mix Up
[B]Slow Down
[C]Languor; Weariness
[D]Hinder; Block; Delay

3. Lexicon
[A]To Make Invalid
[B]Token Of Disgrace; Brand
[D]Fair; Impartial

4. Loiter
[A]Every Two Years
[B]Very Small
[C]Not Native; Strange
[D]Hang Around; Linger

5. Magnanimous
[A]Come About By Addition
[B]Glimmer Intermittently
[D]Eccentric; Whimsical

6. Manifest
[A]To Direct Speech To; Deal With Or Discuss
[B]Understandable; Clear
[C]Monarch With Supreme Power
[D]Like An Uncle

7. Maverick
[B]Rebel; Nonconformist
[D]Pull; Strain; Twist

8. Meticulous
[A]Ardent; Hot
[B]Dormant; Hidden
[C]Excessively Careful

9. Misadventure
[A]Positive Assertion; Confirmation; Solemn Pledge By One Who Refuses To Take An Oath
[C]Triangular Part Above Columns In Greek Buildings
[D]Mischance; Ill Luck

10. Mogul
[A]Incipient; Coming Into Being
[B]Discourage; Cause To Lose Courage Or Hope
[C]Powerful Person
[D]Sour; Peevish

11. Mortify
[C]Humiliate; Punish To The Flesh
[D]Recover; Find And Bring In

12. Myriad
[A]Scandinavian Myth; Any Legend
[B]Tasteless; Dull
[C]Murder Of A King Or Queen
[D]Very Large Number

13. Niggle
[A]Gather; Store Up
[C]Firm Grasp Or Footing
[D]Spend Too Much Time On Minor Points; Carp

14. Oaf
[A]Insert Improperly; Palm Off
[B]Stupid; Awkward Person
[D]Bleach; Whiten

15. Occident
[A]Supply; Allotted Demand; Assigned Portion Of Work
[B]Testify; Bear Witness
[D]The West

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