Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Vocabulary Quiz - 115 (Vocabulary Development)

1. Venturesome
[A]Clean By Removing Impurities; Clear Of Charges
[B]Calm; Peaceful

2. Vie
[A]Inclined To Laugh; Ludicrous
[B]Soothing Or Softening Remedy
[C]Contend; Compete
[D]Marked By Changes In Fortune

3. Vivisection
[A]Deceptive Scheme
[B]Deceive; Delude
[C]State Of Collapse Caused By Illness Or Old Age
[D]Act Of Dissecting Living Animals

4. Warranty
[A]Pertaining To Outer Space
[B]Guarantee; Assurance By Seller
[D]Cut The Top Off

5. Wither
[A]Delay In Punishment; Interval Of Relief; Rest
[C]Join; Unite
[D]Shrivel; Decay

6. Zenith
[B]Trinket; Trifle
[C]Point Directly Overhead In The Sky; Summit

7. Aberrant
[A]Defamatory; Injurious To The Good Name Of A Person
[B]Grating; Harsh
[C]Abnormal Or Deviant
[D]Correct Spelling

8. Abstinence
[B]Denial; Disclaiming
[C]Restrain From Eating Or Drinking
[D]Odd; Whimsical; Irregular

9. Acme
[A]Like A Lion
[B]Forcible Restraint
[C]Top; Pinnacle
[D]Humorous; Jocular

10. Adorn
[A]Kindly; Favorable; Not Malignant
[B]Needlessly Repetitious
[D]Having A Low-Necked Dress

11. Agglomeration
[A]Not Essential; External
[B]Give Up; Do Without
[C]Collection; Heap
[D]Bantering; Joking

12. Aloft
[A]Loud, Resounding Noise
[C]Not Applicable; Unrelated

13. Amplify
[A]Long, Eventful Journey
[B]Surmise; Guess

14. Annals
[A]Weary; Sluggish; Listless
[B]Continued Loud Noise
[C]Gradual Wearing Down
[D]Records; History

15. Aplomb
[A]Serving As A Model; Outstanding
[C]Use Of Force To Get Someone'S Compliance

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