Saturday, March 3, 2012

Vocabulary Quiz - 112 (English Improvement)

1. Metamorphosis
[B]Change Of Form
[C]Cater To The Low Desires Of Others
[D]Confuse; Mix Up

2. Mirth
[A]Bordering On The Sea; Nautical
[B]Comment; Make Explanatory Notes
[C]Pithy Maxim
[D]Merriment; Laughter

3. Mobile
[A]Very Important
[B]Movable; Not Fixed
[C]Brother Or Sister

4. Mortician
[A]Darken; Make Unclear
[C]Following; Later
[D]Pertaining To Disease

5. Muted
[A]Command; Arrange; Consecrate
[B]Letdown Of Thought Or Emotion
[C]Slow Up; Loosen
[D]Silent; Muffled; Toned Down

6. Niggardly
[A]Easily Seen; Noticeable; Striking
[B]Varying Form Of An Element
[D]Meanly Stingy; Parsimonious

7. Nutrient
[A]Style Of Cooking
[B]Crush; Subdue; Inhibit
[C]Blunt; Abrupt
[D]Providing Nourishment

8. Obtrusive
[A]Individual Who Sacrifices Principles For Expediency By Taking Advantage Of The Circumstances
[B]Pushed Forward
[D]Insert Between

9. Optician
[A]Tease; Torture With Disappointment
[B]Daydream; Musing
[C]Maker And Seller Of Eyeglasses

10. Overt
[A]Lash; Whip; Severe Punishment
[B]Approve; Tolerate
[C]Hidden Sarcasm Or Satire; Use Of Words That Convey A Meaning Opposite To The Literal Meaning
[D]Open To View

11. Pantomime
[A]Flowing, Running
[B]Acting Without Dialogue
[C]Laughable; Trifling
[D]Extended Scolding; Denunciation

12. Partisan
[A]Ardent; Hot
[B]Move Heavily Or Clumsily
[C]One-Sided; Prejudiced; Committed To A Party
[D]Stick Together

13. Pell-Mell
[A]Fret; Complain
[B]Person Belonging To The Same Period
[C]In Confusion; Disorderly
[D]Lacking In Spirit Or Energy

14. Permeable
[B]Plead; Ask Earnestly
[C]Like A Bull
[D]Porous; Allowing Passage Through

15. Philistine
[A]Ragged Fellow
[B]Weary; Sluggish; Listless
[C]Difference; Condition Of Inequality
[D]Narrow-Minded Person, Uncultured And Exclusively Interested In Material Gain

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