Thursday, March 1, 2012

Vocabulary Quiz - 111 (CAT, MAT, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL)

1. Incandescent
[A]Study Of Language
[B]Strikingly Bright; Shining With Intense Heat
[C]Pine Tree; Cone-Bearing Tree
[D]Soft Tissue Filling The Bones

2. Incongruous
[A]Seemingly Plausible But Fallacious Reasoning
[D]Not Fitting; Absurd

3. Indignation
[A]Angelic; Innocent Looking
[B]Deputize; Pass To Others
[C]Anger At An Injustice
[D]Request Earnestly; Seek

4. Infinitesimal
[A]Similarity; Using Comparisons Such As Similes
[B]Conceit; Vanity
[C]Very Small
[D]Dig; Investigate

5. Innovation
[A]Essentially; Inherently; Naturally
[B]Change; Introduction Of Something New
[D]Uneasiness; Distress

6. Interim
[A]Yellowish; Sickly In Color
[B]Handle Roughly
[C]Based On Assumptions Or Hypothesis

7. Invective
[A]High-Ranking, Six-Winged Angel
[D]Environment; Means Of Expression

8. Jaunt
[B]Strong Inclination; Liking
[C]Trip; Short Journey
[D]Gruesome; Grisly

9. Kindred
[A]Disparage; Depreciate
[B]Acquit; Exculpate
[D]Related; Belonging To The Same Family

10. Larceny
[A]Ability To Foresee Future Happenings; Prudence
[B]Calm; Placid
[C]Recent Convert; Beginner

11. Lexicographer
[A]In Utter Disorder
[B]Speak Distinctly
[C]Point Directly Overhead In The Sky; Summit
[D]Compiler Of A Dictionary

12. Loathe
[A]Bankrupt; Lacking Money To Pay
[B]Belief That Life Is Basically Bad And Evil; Gloominess
[C]Rustic; Pastoral

13. Maelstrom
[A]Meanly Stingy; Parsimonious
[C]Pour Off Gently
[D]Tall Column Tapering And Ending A Pyramid

14. Manacle
[A]Lack Of Self-Confidence Or Courage
[B]Stylish; Perky; Carefree
[C]Skip; Leap Playfully
[D]Restrain; Handcuff

15. Mauve
[A]Treat As Celebrity
[B]Pale Purple
[C]Offensive Or Insulting Treatment
[D]Exaggeration; Overstatement

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