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Management Quiz - 40 (MBA Solved Papers)

1. In Aid Labs, the main department is of research and development and it is very difficult for them to measure the output in monetary terms. So, the budgets for it are developed only in terms of the maximum resources that can be consumed by them in the past year. This kind of responsibility center is known as
[A]Standard cost center
[B]Revenue center
[C]Discretionary expense center
[D]Investment center

2. According to the University of Michigan studies, leaders who were associated with higher group productivity and higher job satisfaction were
[A]Employee oriented
[B]Initiating structure oriented
[C]Consideration oriented

3. Which of the following is not an upward communication?
[A]Cost accounting report
[B]Purchase order summary
[C]Sales report
[D]Corporate policy statement

4. Motivation theories can be broadly classified into two main categories by looking at their major areas of thrust viz., content theories and process theories. Content theories of motivation focus on
[A]The level of satisfaction employees have with their job
[B]Achieving one’s potential and self-fulfillment
[C]Equitable distribution of tasks
[D]Analysing what motivates people

5. Managers who make foreign investments believe that such investments will
I. Reduce or eliminate high transportation costs.
II. Allow participation in the rapid expansion of a market abroad.
III. Provide foreign technical, design, and marketing skills.
IV. Earn higher profits.
[A]Only (II) above
[B]Both (I) and (III) above
[C]Both (II) and (IV) above
[D]All (I), (II), (III) and (IV) above

6. The characteristics of the individual who should be hired for the job are indicated by the
[A]Job analysis
[B]Job description
[C]Job specification
[D]Job review

7. A PERT network depicts the sequence of activities needed to complete a project and the
[A]Amount of money needed for each activity
[B]Time or costs associated with each activity
[C]Step of each activity
[D]Schedule of each activity

8. Information is one of the important resources for managers. For information to be useful to managers, it must possess certain attributes. The information attribute which explains that information is available when it is needed without excessive delay pertains to
[A]Information accuracy
[B]Information timeliness
[C]Information time horizon
[D]Information completeness

9. Senthil is a salesperson for Cloud 9 Corporation's Chennai office. If the salespersons meet their sales goals for the month, they are given an all-expense-paid trip to a Salgaonkar Club football game. Football is not one of Chennai's favorite sports, and the Salgaonkar Club is definitely not Senthil's favorite team. Which component of Vroom’s expectancy theory influences Senthil’s performance?
[A]Effort-performance linkage
[D]Performance-reward linkage

10. Which of the following does not constitute a set of decisions that are included in an operations management program?
[A]Capacity decisions
[B]Facilities decisions
[C]Quality decisions
[D]Budgeting decisions

11. Which of the following is not a limitation of operations research?
[A]The magnitude of calculations hikes up the cost of operations research
[B]Qualitative factors such as human resources cannot be quantified
[C]It emphasizes the logical physical presentation of a problem in the form of a model
[D]There is a gap between practicing managers and trained operations researchers

12. Evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of various systems within an organization is referred to as
[A]Social audit
[B]Ethical audit
[C]Quality control
[D]Management audit

13. Which of the following is a specialized appraisal system wherein a high powered panel constituted by senior persons in the organization appraises employees by identifying their best capabilities or skills and training them further?
[A]360 degree appraisal
[B]Behaviorally anchored rating scales
[C]Formal appraisal
[D]Assessment development centers

14. Managers need to consider the type of control system that they wish to use. Which control system helps managers to regulate and supply inputs to obtain maximum production without any interruption?
[A]Budgetary control
[B]Financial control
[C]Quality control
[D]Inventory control

15. Lead Management had given Saila a very tight deadline and she wanted to get the job done as quickly as possible. Saila was well versed with the job to be completed, having once been a member of the team she now managed. Many of the team members were new to the job and the company. Which of following styles might work best in this situation?

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