Tuesday, March 13, 2012

IT Quiz - 13 (IT Quiz Questions)

1. Elektron Inc. wants to automate the entire production process by replacing the existing system. Which of the following determines the willingness and ability of the management, employees, customers, suppliers, and others to operate, use and support a proposed information system?
[A]Organizational feasibility
[B]Economic feasibility
[C]Technical feasibility
[D]Operational feasibility

2. Nagesh, a Web designer, working on UNIX operating system wants to both backup and restore files, to or from tapes or diskettes.Which of the following commands in Unix can be useful to him?

3. Visontech Inc. is using a network of 40 computers without any login password for the users, which is resulting in leakage of important information. To avoid this problem in the future, which of the following controls can the system administrator use?
[A]Procedural controls
[B]Biometric controls
[C]Output controls
[D]Input controls

4. Mr. Ganapati is writing a spreadsheet program in which he has to use a group of commands at different parts of the program. So which of the following can be used to replace the group of commands to decrease the length of the program?

5. Mr. Bawachi, wrote a ‘C’ program for displaying first 20 even numbers. But after executing the program the answer was shown with decimal numbers. Which of the following data type characters was used in the program for printing?
[A]% f
[B]% x
[C]% h
[D]% i

6. Enigma Systems uses a network of computers running on Novell Netware Operating System. The system administrator does not know who is accessing the local operating system or server. So which of the following devices can help the administrator in this case?

7. Cola Inc. has introduced a new beverage in India, China and Sri Lanka at the same time. But the brand was not doing well in some parts of India and China. So which of the following reports will help the sales manager in taking immediate remedial measures and save costs to the organization?
[A]Planning reports
[B]Exception reports
[C]Periodic scheduled reports
[D]Push reports

8. Mr. Srinivas, working as a junior programmer at Converges Inc. wants to write program logic for an application using imitation code. Which of the following tools is helpful for him?
[B]Decision Table

9. Genesis Inc. uses OSI Network Architecture for communication with other systems. So which of the following layers of this model is responsible for detecting and correcting errors in the transmission of data?
[A]Transport Layer
[B]Network Layer
[C]Data Link Layer
[D]Session Layer

10. In a ‘C’ program, Mr. Narendra used three variables and one of them is ‘int’. After the compilation, the syntax error was shown. So which of the following rules with respect to variables in C language is violated?
[A]Variables should begin with a letter
[B]Variables are case sensitive
[C]Variable names should not be keywords
[D]Spaces are not allowed

11. Mr. Malya, working in Dishnet Services Inc., a leading Internet Service Provider in India. If Malya wants to know when his friends or coworkers are online, then which of the following Internet services can help him?
[A]File Transfer Protocol
[B]Internet Telephony
[C]Internet Fax
[D]Internet Paging

12. Mr. Gopal, working on a ‘C’ program has to test more than one condition to arrive at the right decision. So which of the following operators will be helpful for him?
[A]Increment operators
[B]Bitwise operators
[C]Arithmetic operators
[D]Logical operators

13. Which of the following statements in ‘C’ language will help Mr. Surya, to test the value of a given variable against a list of case values and when a match is found, a block of statements associated with that case is executed?

14. In which of the following types of multitasking does the operating system regain control, when an application stops running and crashes?
I. Co-operative multitasking.
II. Pre-emptive multitasking.
III. Virtual multitasking.
[A]Only (I) above
[B]Only (II) above
[C]Only (III) above
[D]Both (I) and (II) above

15. In virtual memory, program instructions and data are divided into units of fixed size called

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