Monday, March 12, 2012

IT Quiz - 12 (Freshers' World)

1. The difference between structures and unions used in a “C” program is
I. Structure is a method for packing data of different types whereas union is used for packing data of same type.
II. In Structures, each member has its own storage location whereas all the members of a union use the same location.
III. A Structure is declared using the key word ‘struct’ whereas union is declared using the keyword ‘union’.
[A]Only (I) above
[B]Only (II) above
[C]Both (I) and (III) above
[D]Both (II) and (III) above

2. All Shell statements and Unix commands can be entered in the command line itself, using ___________ as the delimiter.
[A]Comma (,)
[B]Semicolon (;)
[C]Colon (:)
[D]Hash (#)

3. The “ % ” symbol used in the statement of “C” program is a
[A]Decision character
[B]Conversion character
[C]Data type character
[D]Printable character

4. In a TCP/IP reference model, which layer is responsible for holding the whole architecture together?
[A]The application layer
[B]The transport layer
[C]The Internet layer
[D]The host-to-network layer

5. Which feature of Novell Netware Operating System provides both users and network administrators with a single, integrated view of an entire network and the servers connected to it?
[A]Netware Directory Services (NDS)
[B]System administration
[D]Message services

6. Which of the following is a user-defined function in “C” language?
[A]main ()
[B]printf ()
[C]scanf ()
[D]fprintf ()

7. Which of the following types of controls are needed to ensure that information products are correct and complete, and are available to authorized users in a timely manner?
[A]Input controls
[B]Output controls
[C]Processing controls
[D]Procedural controls

8. The files created by the users in UNIX operating system come under the category of
I. Ordinary files.
II. Directory files.
III. Device files.
[A]Only (I) above
[B]Only (II) above
[C]Only (III) above
[D]Both (II) and (III) above

9. Vison Operations have been constructing a new plant for the production of cycles. The company CEO has conducted a meeting of the managers of all the departments and explained them the details of the project using a flowchart. The parallelogram shaped symbol used in the flowchart indicates
[A]Input or output
[D]Predefined process

10. Mr. Ravi, writing a ‘C’ program, wants to print the student name, enrollment number and marks of 10 students. So, which of the following can be used to group these data items of different data types under a common name?
[D]Storage Class

11. Sandra, an experienced ‘C’ programmer wants to develop a new application for Bus reservation system. The application uses 20 variables and 40 functions. In which of the following ways does she have to define variables to retain their values even after the control is transferred to the calling function?

12. ABN AMRO Bank uses separate systems for the collection of data across the world. The bank is finding difficulty in consolidating the data. Which of the following will help the bank in consolidating the data across disparate systems?
I. Data warehousing.
II. Data mining.
III. Data dictionary.
[A]Only (I) above
[B]Only (II) above
[C]Only (III) above
[D]Both (I) and (II) above

13. Dataquest is a small company that makes animated 3-D graphics for local television stations. There are 10 employees in the company, each with a computer. Four of the employees are animators, while the rest are in sales, accounting and management. To keep the animators' work from interfering with others, the company sets up two separate networks, one for the animators and one for the rest of the company. Which of the following devices interconnects networks, so that message can be routed to its destination?

14. Mr. Ramesh, the production manager in a reputed pharmaceutical company, asked his subordinate Mr. Suresh to provide him details of the first quarter sales in comparison with the overall sales for the year ended March 31, 2005. Which of the following charts is helpful to him in this case?
[A]Line Chart
[B]Bar Chart
[C]Column Chart
[D]Pie Chart

15. Mr. Harish, working as an Economist in an MNC, is asked by the sales manager to provide him the details about how a repeated change in the price of the product affects sales and purchasing power of the customers. Which of the following types of analytical modeling will be helpful for Harish in this case?
[A]Value analysis
[B]Sensitivity analysis
[C]Goal seeking analysis
[D]Optimization analysis

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