Sunday, March 25, 2012

Improve English Vocabulary Online (Vocabulary Quiz - 126)

1. Diligence
[A]Make Thin; Weaken
[B]Heterogeneous Mixture; Medley
[C]High, Flat-Topped Hill
[D]Steadiness Of Effort; Persistent Hard Work

2. Discourse
[A]Occurring Or Taking Place Within The Subject; Unreal
[B]Hesitate; Shrink
[C]Formal Discussion; Conversation
[D]Mysterious; Secret; Supernatural

3. Disquisition
[A]Split; Tear Apart
[B]Somewhat Saline
[C]Uneasiness; Distress
[D]Formal Systematic Inquiry; An Explanation Of The Results Of A Formal Inquiry

4. Divest
[A]Reserve; Uncommunicativeness; Inclination To Be Silent
[B]Strip; Deprive

5. Drone
[A]Written Statement Made Under Oath
[B]False Testimony While Under Oath
[C]Dig; Investigate
[D]Talk Dully; Buzz Or Murmur Like A Bee

6. Eddy
[A]Reading Desk
[B]Swirling Current Of Water, Air, Etc.
[C]Unreal; Grotesque; Whimsical
[D]Looking Back On The Past

7. Elliptical
[A]Stinging, Caustic
[B]Abundance; Completeness
[D]Oval; Ambiguous, Either Purposely Or Because Key Words Have Been Left Out

8. Encumber
[A]Exclude From Public Favor; Ban

9. Entice
[A]State Without Proof
[B]Lure; Attract; Tempt
[C]Special Usage In Language
[D]A Place Where Bees Are Kept

10. Equivocate
[C]Lie; Mislead; Attempt To Conceal The Truth
[D]Lash; Whip; Severe Punishment

11. Evince
[A]Powerful Person
[B]Show Clearly

12. Expedite
[A]Unskilled Laborer; Drudge
[C]Repudiation; Self-Sacrifice
[D]Prankish; Gay

13. Exuberance
[B]Viscous Assault
[C]Person Who Appeals To People'S Prejudice
[D]Abundance; Effusiveness; Lavishness

14. Fatalism
[A]Abundance; Wealth
[B]Belief That Events Are Determined By Forces Beyond One'S Control
[C]Special Usage In Language
[D]Monarch; Sovereign

15. Fidelity
[A]Take Apart
[B]Noxious Smell
[D]Flowing, Running

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