Wednesday, March 28, 2012

IBPS CWE PO English Paper (Vocabulary Quiz - 129)

1. Molt
[A]Suffering From Indigestion
[B]Shed Or Cast Off Hair Of Feathers
[C]Pertaining To Heat

2. Mote
[A]Restrain From Eating Or Drinking
[B]Inclination; Bias
[C]Sad; Solemn
[D]Small Speck

3. Nadir
[B]Lowest Point
[C]Kill, Usually One Out Of Ten
[D]Pushed Forward

4. Noisome
[A]Impermanent; Fleeting
[B]Erase; Strike Out
[C]Provide A Refuge For; Hide
[D]Foul Smelling; Unwholesome

5. Obdurate
[A]Elastic; Having The Power Of Springing Back
[C]Cut Away; Cut Out
[D]Reserved Or Aloof; Cold In Manner

6. Odoriferous
[B]Giving Off An Odor
[C]Not To Be Taken Away; Nontransferable
[D]Tunnels In Which Rabbits Live; Crowded Conditions In Which People Live

7. Opulence
[B]Preceding In Time, Rank, Etc.
[C]Fear Or Hatred Of Foreigners

8. Palatial
[A]Affectedly Dainty
[B]List Of Works Of Music, Drama, Etc., A Performer Is Prepared To Present
[C]Bring To An End

9. Paradox
[A]Generous; Showing Bounty
[B]Statement That Looks False But Is Actually Correct
[D]Peripheral; Only Slightly Connected; Digressing

10. Pastiche
[A]Expressing A Low Opinion
[B]Incomprehensive; Not To Be Discovered
[C]Imitation Of Another'S Style In Musical Composition Or Writing
[D]Outer Boundary

11. Penitent
[A]Combining Parts Into A Whole
[B]Rich, Figured Fabric
[D]Tasteless; Dull

12. Personable
[B]Hiding Place
[D]Relating To A Religious Fraction Or Subgroup; Narrow-Minded; Limited

13. Phlegmatic
[B]Calm; Not Easily Disturbed
[C]Versatile; Able To Take Many Shapes
[D]Wakefulness; Inability To Sleep

14. Platonic
[A]Dissolve; Disperse
[B]Person Interested Mostly In External Objects And Actions
[C]Purely Spiritual; Theoretical; Without Sensual Desire
[D]Stitches Sewn To Hold The Cut Edges Of A Wound Or Incision; Material Used In Sewing

15. Portly
[A]Anger At An Injustice
[B]Stately; Stout
[C]Corrosive; Sarcastic

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