Saturday, March 24, 2012

GK for SSC(Staff Selection Commision) - General Knowledge Quiz - 130

1. The six important inscriptions which have recently come to light in Tamil Nadu’s 1200 year old Shiva Temple reveal—
[A]Early Chola history
[B]Early Kushans history
[C]Early Mauryan history
[D]Early Sangam history

2. LITE is the proposed Maiden Moon Mission of—

3. India ranks………..on Global Gender-Gap Index.

4. IBEx is—
[A]NASA’s Probe
[B]EU’s Probe
[C]EU NASA joint Probe
[D]None of the above

5. India’s first 3G Technology-based mobile phone service of MTNL was launched on—
[A]December 15, 2008
[B]December 11, 2008
[C]December 10, 2008
[D]December 8, 2008

6. India launched its first Moon Mission Chandrayaan-1 on—
[A]October 10, 2008
[B]October 15, 2008
[C]October 20, 2008
[D]October 22, 2008

7. The Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle which put Chandrayaan-1 into its orbit is—

8. India is the ……country to send Moon Mission.

9. The number of instruments which the spacecraft Chandrayaan carried is—

10. Union Cabinet had cleared Right to Education Bill which is the enabling legislation to notify—
[A]The 91th Constitutional Amendment
[B]The 86th Constitutional Amendment
[C]The 95th Constitutional Amendment
[D]The 93rd Constitutional Amendment

11. ACD stands for—
[A]Asian Cooperative Dialogue
[B]Asia Cooperation Dialogue
[C]Asia China Dialogue Forum
[D]Asian-Chinese Dialogue

12. EDI stands for—
[A]Enforcement Directorate Index
[B]Education Development Infrastructure
[C]Education and Development Identity
[D]Education Development Index

13. National Consumer Rights Day is observed on—
[A]December 4
[B]December 7
[C]December 24
[D]December 10

14. Who is set to make film on 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks?
[A]Yash Chopra
[C]Ram Gopal Verma
[D]Mahesh Bhatt

15. In which Asian country Apple is opening its R & D centre?

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