Tuesday, March 20, 2012

GK for Bank PO and Bank Clerical Recruitment Tests(General Knowledge Quiz - 127)

1. Match the dams and the rivers across which those have been constructed—
List- I (Dams) List-II (River)
(a) Ukai 1. Mahanadi
(b) Rana Pratap Sagar 2. Ravi
(c) Them 3. Chambal
(d) Hirakud 4. Tapti
Code: abcd
[A]4 3 2 1
[B]1 2 4 3
[C]2 1 3 4
[D]3 4 1 2

2. Which of the following Indian States first adopted the 3-tier Panchayati Raj system?
[B]Uttar Pradesh
[D]Madhya Pradesh

3. Which of the following days is celebrated as national energy conservation day?

4. During emergency imposed under Art. 352, which of the following Constitutional provisions stands suspended?
[A]Directive principles of state policy
[B]Amendment procedures
[C]Fundamental Rights
[D]Judicial Review

5. What is the age upto which children are prohibited from employment in any factory / Mine / hazardous work?
[A]10 Years
[B]12 Years
[C]14 Years
[D]16 Years

6. Where is the Constitutional power located enabling the Central Government to legislate on cow slaughter?
[A]Entry 17, List III in Schedule VII— Prevention of cruelty to Animals
[B]Residuary powers under Art. 248
[C]Emergency Powers
[D]Art. 48 in the Directive Principles

7. What is the number of chromosomes in a normal human body cell?

8. Xerophthalmia is a deficiency disease caused by lack of—
[A]Vitamin A
[B]Vitamin B
[C]Vitamin C
[D]Vitamin D

9. Out of the following glands which is referred to as the master gland?
[B]Adrenal gland

10. What is an antibiotic?
[A]A chemical compound produced by a living organism that inhibits the growth of other organisms
[B]A compound synthesized by a living organism that inhibits the growth of microbes
[C]A synthetic compound inhibiting the growth of other organisms
[D]A synthetic compound inhibiting the growth of bacteria

11. The Rs. 12,400 crore manned space mission of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is scheduled for launch by—

12. India plans a manned mission to the moon by—

13. A Judge (of a High Court) may be removed from his office by the President in the manner provided in clause (4) of ……… for the removal of a judge of the Supreme Court.
[A]Article 125
[B]Article 124
[C]Article 126
[D]Article 127

14. In order to remove judges of the Supreme Court or High Court through impeachment proceedings a motion is addressed to the President signed by at least—
[A]100 Members of Lok Sabha or 50 members of Rajya Sabha
[B]50 members of Rajya Sabha or 150 members of Lok Sabha
[C]80 members of Lok Sabha or 30 members of Rajya Sabha
[D]60 members of Lok Sabha or 70 members of Rajya Sabha

15. According to the UNICEF’s flagship report, ‘State of the World’s Children’ (2009) the number of women dying every year in India in Child Births is—

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