Thursday, March 29, 2012

English for SAT GMAT TOEFL IELTS CAT CLAT (Vocabulary Quiz - 130)

1. Precipitous
[B]Pertaining To Money
[C]Pretense; Evasion

2. Proximity
[A]Express; Utter
[B]Bitterness Of Speech And Temper
[C]Solidly Uniform; Unyielding

3. Pundit
[A]Slightly Obscure
[B]Movable; Not Fixed
[C]Learned Hindu; Any Learned Man; Authority On A Subject

4. Quarry
[A]Turn To Stone
[B]Dig Into
[C]Attainment Of Highest Point
[D]Discourage; Cause To Lose Courage Or Hope

5. Rampant
[A]Fertility; Fruitfulness
[B]Resembling A Horse
[C]Rearing Up On Hind Legs; Unrestrained
[D]Causing Cancer

6. Recalcitrant
[A]Following; Attendants
[B]Changing In Form; Fickle
[C]Obstinately Stubborn
[D]Tasty; Pleasing, Attractive, Or Agreeable

7. Redundant
[A]Modest; Shy
[B]Superfluous; Excessively Wordy; Repetitious
[C]Stampede; Drive Out
[D]Scandinavian Myth; Any Legend

8. Remedial
[A]Treacherous Plot
[B]Partner In Crime
[C]Curative; Corrective
[D]Appropriate; Fitting

9. Reprimand
[A]Difference; Condition Of Inequality
[B]Reprove Severely
[C]Able To See Differences; Prejudiced
[D]Items Of Business At A Meeting

10. Restraint
[A]Pay Costs For
[B]Self-Evident Truth
[D]Controlling Force

11. Rhetorical
[B]Occupy Fully
[C]Capable Of Being Shaped By Pounding
[D]Pertaining To Effective Communication; Insincere Language

12. Rueful
[C]Regretful; Sorrowful; Dejected
[D]Restrain From Eating Or Drinking

13. Sartorial
[A]Rebellion; Uprising
[B]Excessively Gasping; Plundering
[C]Pertaining To Tailors
[D]Relating To Paradise; Blissful

14. Scurrilous
[A]Layer Of Earth'S Surface; Layer Of Society
[C]Obscene; Indecent
[D]Metal-Bearing Vein

15. Shoddy
[B]Sham; Not Genuine; Inferior

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