Friday, March 30, 2012

Computer Awareness for Bank PO (Computer Quiz - 5)

1. What is software?
[C]Set Of Instructions
[D]B and C Both

2. What is degauss?
[A]Creating Magnetic Media
[B]Creating Files
[C]Deleting Files
[D]Erasing Magnetic Media

3. The brain of the computer is called
[D]Hard Disk

4. Which of the following file extensions is not an audio file format?

5. The resolution of a printer is measured in
[A]Dots Per Centimeter
[B]Dots Per Inch

6. ".TMP" extension refers usually to what kind of file?
[A]Video File
[B]Image File
[C]Audio File
[D]Temporary File

7. Typically, hard disk drives employ what technology as a storage mechanism?

8. What type of devices are CDs or DVDs?

9. Who created Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)?
[A]Paul Zimmerman
[B]Bill Gates
[C]Ken Thompson
[D]Steve Jobs

10. What kind of computer memory is both static and nonvolatile?
[D]None of the above

11. What type of device is a digital camera?

12. Which of the following is not a network command?

13. What is a URL?
[A]Address of a Page on the World Wide Web
[B]Uniform Resource Locator
[C]The title of a website
[D]A and B both

14. MIME stands for?
[A]Multiutility Intranet Mail Extensions
[B]Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
[C]Multitask Intenet Mail Extensions
[D]Multipurpose Intranet Mail Extensions

15. Which of the following is not an Internet browser?

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